Hot Guys Smoking Cigars: Hollywood Cigar Aficionados?

Are cigars as harmful as cigarettes? Or are they less or more harmful? What is the best cigar brand out there? And what do famous celebrities prefer when it comes to the cigars they smoke? Unfortunately for you fellow Famewatchers, we don’t have any answers to said questions and we are too lazy to do some research. Hehe. But we are giving you a list of Eleven Hot Guys Smoking Cigars Shirtless. We bet 100% that they have the answer to your questions on the relative safety of cigars and the best brand to smoke.

Joe Manganiello. If you use Joe’s photo below as a print advertisement for cigars, we bet you 1000% that lots and lots and lots (day millions and millions) of non-cigar smokers will be buy them some cigars to use and see for themselves what’s making the Magic Mike hunk oh-so-happy.

hot guys smoking cigars - Joe Manganiello2

Lee Ryan. We know this is supposed to be a list of shirtless hot guys smoking cigars and Lee Ryan is not shirtless but he is sexily wet which is as good as shirtless. Hehe.

hot guys smoking cigars - lee ryan

Nick Cannon. Hey, is the America’s Got Talent host sitting on someone’s lap? Kinda weird. But he does look cool with his lit cigar.

hot guys smoking cigars - nick cannon

Patrick Clayton and Dustin McNeer. We gotta say that this photo of these two young models biting their cigars is what prompted us to do this post. Dustin sure is going places after his ANTM gig, no?

hot guys smoking cigars - Patrick Clayton and Dustin McNeer

Scott Eastwood. Of course you can light a cigar while posing in the swimming pool.

hot guys smoking cigars - scott eastwood

Franco Trentalance. You can also light a cigar while relaxing in the bath tub.

hot guys smoking cigars shirtless - franco trenta lance

Kevin Hart. Kevin gazes to the beyond while smoking his cigar. He needs a lighter or a match to get it going though.

hot guys smoking cigars shirtless - kevin heart

Rob Lowe. Who says you can’t smoke while you cook. Certainly not the lovable Rob Lowe.

hot guys smoking cigars shirtless - rob lowe

Mario Lopez. Ugh, Mario, we like you but you should go to jail for lighting a cigar while taking care of your baby. Ever heard of second hand smoke?

shirtless hot guys smoking cigars - mario lopez

Scott Caan. Let’s end our list of Shirtless Hot Guys Smoking Cigars with this badass photo of Scott Caan.

shirtless hot guys smoking cigars shirtless - scott caan

Scott is our favorite Hollywood cigar aficionado. What about you?