Hot Chinese Men: Underwear and Fashion Model Dapeng Zheng

Hot Chinese Men: Zheng Da Peng Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Turns out we may have been writing our handsome Chinese model’s name as some fashion sites write it as either Zheng Dapeng or Zheng Da Peng. Our apologies for the mistake.

Now, here are more gorgeous photos of the guy who may no longer be active because the last pictures we’ve seen of him modeling is from 2015 at the latest. It’s understandable if he moved on to pursue another career since, as we’ve said before, modeling is really more of a short-time gig unlike other professions which you can do until you retire.

Anyhoo, here are more of Zheng’s modeling pics. First, this one’s from the June 2012 edition of Esquire China magazine:

hot chinese men underwear speedo model zheng da peng

Next, here’s Zheng and other models posing in an editorial for GQ Style China Spring/Summer 2012.

hot chinese men - male models on magazine

hot chinese men male models magazine photos

This shirtless photo of our guy is sizzling hot!!!

hot chinese men shirtless - zheng da peng

Pic below is also from GQ Style China.

hot chinese men shirtless speedo model - zheng da peng

Finally, this one’s probably our favorite picture of this hunky Chinese model. Hello peekabo Calvin Klein!

hot chinese men shirtless zheng da peng underwear by ck

Dapeng Zheng Models Underwear and Jeans (8 May 2010). Asian male model Dapeng Zheng rules the runway in his boxers underwear, body-fitting shirt, and a silvery sandal we would like to buy for ourselves. What about buying me a pair, eh Deena?

hot chinese men underwear dapeng zheng

Zheng is also looking good in his bootcut blue jeans topped with a brown blazer which, we must admit, we are not a fan of. He’s got a gorgeous body though. Haha.

hot chinese men model Dapeng Zheng

Now, we like his outfits in the next photo. He looks totally and totally suave and shaggable. We’re thinking dirty thoughts right now. Haha. Silly us.

chinese hunk of the day dapeng zheng

Dapeng, who stands at 188 cm (that’s about 6’2″ for you silly non-metric ‘Mericans), reportedly modeled for top menswear labels such as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace, and Hugo Boss. He is China’s top male model and, given his country’s growing importance in the world of fashion (and in everything else), we’re pretty sure he can make a splash in the runways of London and New York City and even the tougher ones (i.e., Paris and Milan).

Now, here’s a shirtless pic of our Chinese model.

hot chinese men shirtless dapeng zheng

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