Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders

Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders. After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is there any other Hollywood actor, particularly among the up-and-coming set, who have the physique of stocky muscled men in the mold of sculpted celebrities in the past?

Looks like there’s no one in that mold no? We can’t think of anyone, can you? This is not to say that there are no muscled or ripped Hollywood actors, it’s just that they kinda still pale in comparison to their counterparts in the past. Without a doubt, this disparity could be attributed mostly to the fact that what bodybuilders value now are way different from what their predecessors considered as desirable in the past.

For instance, the V-shaped upper body which is common among muscle celebrities in the past appears to have given way to six-pack or eight-pack washboard abs. What do you think will be the desired physique 50 years from now?

Anyhoo, here are more beefy muscle men from the earlier days of tinseltown and, of course, Dwayne Johnson. First up, here’s Charles Atlas who deserves credit for starting the bodybuilding craze as far back as the 1920s.

beefy muscle hunks - charles atlas

Bodybuilder Steeve Reeves went on to become a Hollywood actor. His most prominent acting projects are the two Hercules movies with him as the lead actor.

beefy muscle men - steve reeves

Here’s Steve embodying the greatness of Hercules. Want more Hot Vintage Men?

beefy muscle men of hollywood steve reeves hercules

Larry Scott has been dubbed as The Legend and The Golden Boy according to wikipedia. He is the first to win the Mr. Olympia title in 1965 which he went on to defend the following year before he decided to retire.

beefy muscle men - vintage - larry scott

Sylvester Stallone bares to us his muscles and all.

beefy muscle hunks - vintage - stallone

Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, Master of the Universe.

beefy muscle men of hollywood dolph lundgren

Finally, Dwayne Johnson who may be the last stocky muscled hunk of Hollywood.

beefy muscle hunks - dwayne johnson

Muscle Hunk of the Day: Mark Monty (20 July 2010). Body builder Mark Monty flexes his muscles as he pose in his blue jeans and white tank tops. Is he hawt or not?

After the jump, check out this muscled hunk in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Mmmm.

Male Bodybuilder’s Underwear: Khalid Ezra, Muscle Hunk (10 June 2010). Looking for a totally muscled guy in his totally awesome underwear? Then you came to the right place because we have male bodybuilder in his whitish cotton underwear. He sure looks awesome, no? Reminds us of them Greek warriors we see in the movies.


Another pic of Khalid in his squarecut swimtrunks.


Lou Ferrigno on Dancing With the Stars? (12 August 2009). If there’s a reality show casting rumor that we really, really hope is true, it’s the rumor that muscle man Lou Ferrigno will be a part of the next season’s Dancing With the Stars. Please cast him, ABC. It would be a casting coup if you do.


We think Lou will be great in DWTS because he will be like a combination of the lovably huge Steve Wozniak and the dancing muscle hunk Gilles Marini.

Incidentally Gilles, like Lou, loves showing off his body; check out the Gilles Marini 2010 calendar if you want to stare at his nakedness in the coming year.

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