Hot Male Teachers Who Became Famous

Hot Male Teachers Who Became Famous. What do Barack Obama, Lyndon B. Johnson, Sting, Jesse Williams, Hugh Jackman, Gabriel Byrne, William Scott Harkey, Shane David O’Neill, Jon Hamm, and Gene Simmons have in common? Well, all of them used to be teachers before they moved on to the other professions which they are more known for.

Oh, they are also hotties (or used to be, hehehe) who have no problem chucking off their shirts or posing in just their Speedos or underoos. Let’s check out these famous male teachers, shall we?

Pietro Boselli (2020 update). Oh geeze Luis, we didn’t even include one of our favorite male models, Pietro Boselli, who became a world famous model when a student secretly took his photo teaching math at the University College London and shared it on social media.

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Colin Egglesfield Young Model, Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo

Colin Egglesfield Young Model, Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo. Hey, did you know that Colin Egglesfield was a successful male model before he became an established actor?

Yeah, we just found this out today. And we spend nearly two hours ogling at his modeling photos.

When we say model, we mean he was a legit model. Not, you know, taking a photo of yourself and calling yourself a model. Nope, our Colin was a legit male model who topbilled ad campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein, Armani Jeans, Versace and landed in editorials for top fashion magazines such as Vogue and GQ Magazine.

colin egglesfield shirtless in jeans

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Hot Chinese Men: Underwear and Fashion Model Dapeng Zheng

Hot Chinese Men: Zheng Da Peng Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Turns out we may have been writing our handsome Chinese model’s name as some fashion sites write it as either Zheng Dapeng or Zheng Da Peng. Our apologies for the mistake.

Now, here are more gorgeous photos of the guy who may no longer be active because the last pictures we’ve seen of him modeling is from 2015 at the latest. It’s understandable if he moved on to pursue another career since, as we’ve said before, modeling is really more of a short-time gig unlike other professions which you can do until you retire.

Anyhoo, here are more of Zheng’s modeling pics. First, this one’s from the June 2012 edition of Esquire China magazine:

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Nigel Barker Shirtless, Sloggi Underwear Model, Ethnic Background

Nigel Barker Shirtless, Underwear Model, Ethnicity. One of the good things when we do blog post updates is we discover new things about the people we are blogging about. For instance, did you know that Nigel is part Sri-Lankan?

Apparently, her mom Gillian was originally from Sri Lanka. She was a model, beauty queen, and was a contestant in the Miss Sri Lanka pageant. In an interview with, Nigel reveals that its actually her mom who deserves credit for him becoming a model:

As for my modeling career, my mother is really to blame for my becoming a model. She was an avid watcher of an English TV show called “The Clothes Show,” which put on an annual model search. My mom entered me in 1989 or was it 90? I don’t remember. She entered me into the competition and to cut a long story short, I became a finalist and ended up in the top three. I decided to take a year off between High School and University and what was only meant to be a sabbatical, turned into a career move.

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Jeff Aquilon First Male Supermodel Should Be In Wikipedia

Jeff Aquilon First Male Supermodel Update. Why the hell does Jeff Aquilon not have a wikipedia page? We never considered the idea but we are now tempted to create an account on the internet repository of knowledge simply to right this injustice.

Surely it’s not the dearth of reputable sources about the guy because tons of articles have been written about him in prestigious papers like the New York Times.

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Gay Men in Jeans: Cowboy, Low Rise, Blue Denims

Gay Men in Jeans: Cowboys in Low Rise Denims (first posted 4 October 2009, updated). Who says only Asian male models and Jake Gyllenhaal can wear low rise jeans? Not this couple for sure.

And, get this, it looks like they are cowboys too. Which should make Anne Proulx very happy because these two guys sure look like the real-life version of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist. Okay, let’s make that the real-life model version of Jack and Ennis, the ill-fated lovers of Brokeback Mountain.

gay men in jeans cowboys low rise

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