Hockey NHL Players Underwear and Speedos: Who’s the Hottest?

Hockey Players in Underwear. What kind of underwear do hockey players on the National Hockey League (NHL) wear? Well if you ask Lululemon CEO Christine Day, she’d tell you that professional hockey athletes are wearing her brand’s boxer briefs but “they just can’t talk about it in public because of pre-existing sponsorship deals.”

This means, of course, that any hockey player who may be wearing Lululemon is unlikely to tell us about it. Anyhoo, let’s check out some underwear photos of some of your favorite hockey hunks, shall we? First up in our list is Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler who has his own underwear brand. Check out Kesler in his Kesler boxer shorts.

ryan kesler underwear - American professional ice hockey center for the Vancouver Canucks

That’s hot! Any of you bought a pair of Kesler undies? Does it look good on you as much as it looks good on the 28-year-old hockey hottie?

Now there can’t be a blog post on hockey players in their underwear without Paul Bissonnette and his black Speedo swimsuit, right? How can one not love a Speedo-clad, fun-loving dude like the Phoenix Coyotes left-winger? Seems like he’s the kind of guy who perks up a boring party, no?

paul bissonette shirtless in speedo

Next up in our list of underwear studs of the NHL is Milan Lucic, the 25-year-old left-winger for the Boston Bruins. (Wondering what exactly is a bruin? Turns out that it is a large brown bear!)

hockey players underwear - milan lucic in boxers

What do retired hockey pro Mike Modano and Paul Bissonette have in common? They obviously love them their skimpy banana hammocks! Whattahair!!! Mike played for the Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars prior to his retirement in 2011.

hockey players underwear mike modano

What is it about hockey players and Speedos? Here’s another hockey player, Zdeno Chara, rocking his briefs-style Speedo swimsuit. Zdeno plays defense for the Boston Bruins which he also captains.

Zdeno Chara - speedo - Boston Bruins defenseman and captain

Look who’s modeling Under Armour boxers underwear? It’s 21-year-old Canadian hottie Tyler Seguin, right winger for the Boston Bruins.

tyler sequin underarmour underwear

Let’s have a closer look at Seguins boxers, shall we? So far, he’s our candidate to grab the “Hottest Hockey Player in Underwear” title.

hockey player underwear - tyler seguin in under armour boxers

Or maybe said title should go to Alex Semin, right-winger for the Carolina Hurricanes? Hmmmm. Technically, Alex is not wearing an underwear so let’s give another title to him: Hottest Hockey Player in Swimwear. Hehe.

Alex Semin swim trunks

Deena says: Maybe we should award the best in underwear title then to Dillon Casey? Check him out rocking his tighty whitie boxer briefs.

nhl hockey players underwear

Our answer: Are you crazy, Deena? Dillon is not a real hockey player. He only plays one on TV. But he does rock his boxer briefs. [See Dillon Casey Underwear]

Deena says: Maybe we should give the title then to Swedish cutie Mats Christeen? This one’s a real hockey player, ain’t he?

hockey players underwear matts christensen

We sez: Right you are Deena. But he didn’t really play for the NHL, did he? Maybe we should give him the following title: Best in Underwear Outside of the NHL?

Anyhoo let’s go back to NHL players with this kinda controversial photo of the Montreal Canadiens foursome (Christopher Higgins, Mike Komisarek, Carey Price, and Josh Gorges) who were photographed in 2009 wearing their itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny Speedos. What’s controversial about this? Nothing really! Okay, they were criticized for too much partying and too little winning in the hockey rink.

Hockey hunk underwear speedo - From Left - Christopher Higgins Mike Komisarek Carey Price and Josh Gorges

Similarly, Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin was also criticized for having too much fun with girls (and wearing a squarecut swimsuit) during a vacation in Turkey. [Note to critics: What do you expect players to do during the off season? Join a monastery?]

alexander ovechkin speedo - turkey vacation

Let’s end this post with this photo of Swedish twins Henrik and Joel Lundqvist who posed in their swimtrunks in a promo shoot for the Swedish hockey team Frölunda HC.

Henrik and Joel Lundqvist - Swimsuit - Forunda promo

Currently, Henrik plays for the New York Rangers where he is the goaltender while twin brother Joel played for the Dallas Stars but is now back with Frolunda which he captains.

So who of these hockey hunks is your favorite? Do tell in the comments.

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