Gym Clothes for Men: Dolce Gabbana Sports Wear

Gym Clothes for Men: Dolce Gabbana Sports Wear. You thought only Adidas has them fabulous workout clothes for men ? You’re mistaken because them Dolce and Gabbana designers have come up with equally fabulous gym clothes for hunky guys who are conscious of having gorgeous fabulous bodies to die for.

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Okay, we will never use the word fabulous again ever, ever. Anyhoo, here’s a Dolce Gabbana gym clothes for those of you looking for boxers or MMA sportswear.

gym clothes for men dolce gabbana

Next, check out these D&G gym clothes for sporty sports like football or soccer. They’re also ideal for those who are planning to rob a bank. Joke. Joke.

dolce gabbana sportswear

For boxers and mixed martial arts fighters.

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Workout clothes for those who want to go running outside.

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So what do you think of this D&G gym clothes? Are they fabulous enough for your taste? Which of these clothes would you like to buy the most? And, more importantly, how do you compare these outfits to these Adidas workout clothes.


Dolce and Gabbana Sportswear (posted 27 August 2011). Look who’s all dressed up in their Dolce and Gabbana sportswear? It’s the Milano Beach Soccer team. D&G and the team has apparently been working together since 2008.

gym clothes for men dolce gabbana sportswear

Now, what do Dolce and Gabbana designers have to offer when it comes to sportswear for the upcoming Spring/Summer season? Well, we have the always dependable shorts which is a staple in any sportswear collection. Here’s supermodel David Gandy in men’s D&G shorts.

gym clothes for men david gandy

David Gandy backstage at the Dolce Gabbana Spring/Summer Menswear Fashion Show in Milan, Italy.

Another must-have when you speak of what guys should wear to the gym or when they’re doing sporty stuff is, of course, the athletic shirt. Check out this runway model in his tank tops during the D&G Milan fashion show.

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