Gucci Sunglasses & Ksubi Eyewear: 2010-2011 Eyewear Advertising

Gucci Designer Glasses. Who of your favorite celebrities wear Gucci sunglasses? So far, the only one we blogged about would be footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his Gucci 1627 aviator sunglasses.

gucci designer glasses

We’re pretty sure there are lots of them celebs who love them their Gucci eyewear and we hope to blog more of them in the future. Meantime, here are some models in their fabulous Gucci sunglasses.

gucci designer glasses gucci eye

gucci designer glasses for men

womens gucci designer glasses

Want more men’s sunglasses? Then go check out our post on Designer Sunglasses for Men. As for the ladies, you might want to see Sandra Bullock’s Face a Face Ylang Sunglasses which she wore in her blockbuster movie, The Proposal.


Ksubi Sunglasses: Book Club Eyewear Collection
05 August 2010

ksubi sunglasses

Is this the most interesting eyewear print advertisement ever for men’s and women’s sunglasses or what? These photos are what you would call “eyecatching”. Since our friend Kevin didn’t like the Prada Postcard Sunglasses on Katy Perry [see Katy Perry’s Fashion Style], maybe he will find this Ksubi sunglasses more interesting?

Ksubi, by the way is not a Japanese brand. We thought it was but its actually Australian. Nope, you won’t be the first to mistakenly think that them Australian fashion labels are only about men’s underwear. Hehe.

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