Chelsea Clinton Wedding Dress by Vera Wang – Photos

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Dress by Vera Wang. Now we can stop speculating on who designed Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress. The answer? Its ……. drumrolls please ….. Vera Wang. Are we surprised? Nah, we’re not. It would be a surprise if an up-and-coming designer made Chelsea’s dress but Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier are practically dressing all the celebs who are getting married these days so we’re not surprised.

chelsea clinton wedding dress

What do you think of Chelsea’s wedding gown? We love it but we’re loving the “belt” in particular for its uniqueness, it’s not something we often see in bridal dresses and add-ons like this is what elevates the gown to the level of what we call “special”. Of course, there’s a lot of fabulous and elegant gowns – and Chelsea’s certainly fits these descriptions – but not all gowns rise to the level of being special which Chelsea’s certainly does.

Anyhoo, check out more photos of Chelsea and her new husband Marc Mezvinsky below.

chelsea clinton wedding dress vera wang

Aww, how sweet are these two. Chelsea looks giddy as a new bride should be.

chelsea clinton marc mezvinsky wedding

The bride and bridegroom with one of the most powerful (but controversial) political power couple ever.

chelsea clinton wedding photos

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Chelsea Clinton – Marc Mezvinsky: Engaged
02 April 2009

chelsea clinton husband

Look who’s reportedly preparing for a $1 million wedding? It’s former presidential daughter Chelsea Clinton and her beau Marc Mezvinsky.

Says a source: “Chelsea hasn’t even admitted that she’s engaged to Marc, but that’s not stopping her from planning a wedding. She’s always dreamed of having a special wedding, and these days that could set her parents back a million dollars, but they’d give her anything her heart desires for the event.”

Okay Chelsea and Marc, we know you have money and all but do you really need one million to spend on a wedding? What about keeping it simple and sending the money instead to Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation. Just saying.

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