Gay Men Wearing Speedos: Celebrities and Models

Gay Men Wearing Speedos: Celebrities and Models. Earlier, we brought you a group of ten straight men in Speedos who were brave and confident enough in their masculinity to wear nothing but a skimpy outfit in public. Now, let’s check out their LGBT counterparts who also love them their Speedo trunks. Who of these famous Speedo-wearin’ friends of Doroty is your favorite? Who rock their swimsuit the best?

Andy Cohen. Hah! Did you know that Bravo’s King of Talk once wore a Speedo while mowing the lawn? Must have been a hot summer day. Oh wait, is he really mowing the lawn? Whatever it is he’s doing in this pic, it’s good to see a younger version of Andy.

andy cohen speedo - real or fake

Barcelona Panthers Swim Team. We’re including these swim team from Barcelona who posed in their Speedos for a charity fundraising calendar. Way to go, guys!

barcelona panthers swim team calendar

Jack Mackenroth. We’ve met Jack Mackenroth before. He’s the gorgeous model, swimmer, and fashion designer who participated in the fourth season of Project Runway. What is he doing now? Well, we’re told he continues to do his HIV awareness advocacy so more power to him!

gay guys in speedos - Jack Mackenroth - designer on project runway - swimmer outgames

Terry Miller. Terry is a model, LGBT activist, and the husband of award-winning journalist, Dan Savage.

gay men speedo - terry miller - model husband of dan savage

Ricky Martin. Ricky Martin’s career continues to go swimmingly after he came out of the closet several years ago. He’s now a father of two and is a coach of the Australian edition of The Voice.

gay men speedo swimsuit - ricky martin - singer

Greg Louganis. This four-time Olympic gold medalist is an icon in the LGBT community. He is also our friend Kevin’s “first love”. What is Greg doing now? Wikipedia tells us that he “has been coaching divers of a wide range of ages and abilities in the SoCal Divers Club in Fullerton, California. He was a mentor to the US diving team at the London 2012 Olympics.”

gay men wearing speedo swimsuit - greg louganis - olympic diving gold medalist

Tom Daley. British teen diving phenom has grown up so fast he’s now dating Oscar-winning scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black. He also served as a mentor to the contestants of the celebrity diving competition, Splash. He’s now reportedly preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

gay male athlete in speedo tom daley

Reichen Lehmkuhl. Reality TV star, military jock, actor, model, Amazing Race winner, and Lance Bass’s ex-boyfriend Reichen most recently starred in the Logo LGBT reality show, The A-List: New York. He’s married to producer Keith D. Black according to wiki.

speedo for gay men - Reichen Lehmkuhl squarecut style

Harry Louis. Meantime, here’s Kevin’s current imaginary boyfriend, adult actor Harry Louis who dated designer Marc Jacobs. They reportedly split sometime last year.

harry louis speedo - 2013 - ipanema

So who of these guys is your favorite? Who rocks his Speedo swimsuit the best? Sound out in the comments. Danke! Want more men in Speedos? Well, go check out these Soap Opera Stars in Speedos.

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