Garrett Clayton Shirtless Teen Hunk: The Next Zac Efron?

Garrett Clayton Shirtless Teen Hunk. Who is this Garrett Clayton that our 14-year-old niece is going gaga about? She used to be all about Justin Bieber! Bieber! Bieber but it looks like she’s outgrown that phase. She is now all about Garrett! Garrett! And Garrett! Does this mean that it is the beginning of the end for The Biebs? We think so! Although, to his credit, he appears to be transforming himself to capture the non-teen demographic.

garrett clayton leather jacket

But enough with Bieber. Let’s talk about the new “Teen It Boy” of Hollywood. Check him out looking good as he navigates the streets of Los Angeles with a skateboard.


There’s something Zac Efrony about these photos, no? With an open shirt and all, he’s obviously posing for the paparazzi following the advice of his PR team. Niiiice.


How hot is his pants? Doesn’t he know that pants like that may be bad for his health and his ability to father a child in the future?


How old is Garrett Clayton? Wikipedia says he’s in his teens but does not mention his age. We’re guessing he is 17 going on 18. [All together now, let’s sing the Sound of Music song with some changes in the lyrics: “He is 17 going on 18, girlies will fall in line. Hollywood crooks and grueways and cads, will offer him gold and wine.”]

shirtless garrett clayton athletic shirt

Does Garrett have a girlfriend? If he does, he must be keeping it a secret because there ain’t any report of him having a girlfriend.

Garrett Clayton washboard abs - teen star

Maybe he is gay and has a boyfriend? Heh! Come on now, not all hot boys who love to go shirtless while jogging on Sta. Monica Beach are ghey!


Is he the next Zac Efron or the next Taylor Lautner? His looks are more of a Zac than a Taylor but if he keeps working out, he might gain some sexy washboard abs that Taylor is known for. At this point, Garrett is not there yet.

garrett clayton shirtless teen beach movie actor

Woof. Woof. Are you loving these Garrett Clayton shirtless pics so far? How tall is this guy? Sadly, his IMDB and wiki profiles do not tell us. Does this omission mean that he is more of a Tom Cruise (who’s reportedly 5’7″) than a Brad Garrett (who reportedly stands at 6’8 1/2).

garrett clayton shirtless teen workout

What kind of underwear does he wear: boxers or briefs? Sadly we don’t know the answer about that yet. But here’s more info about this up and coming Hollywood star from an interview with Miabella Magazine:

Do you have any pets?
In Michigan I have two dogs, Junior and Eli, and one cat named Rocky.

What are some deal breakers when it comes to relationships?

I think a deal breaker would be a relationship that’s built on no trust. Or dating someone who tries to control everything!

What’s in your iTunes playlist?
Aerosmith, Tracy Chapman, etc. I have a pretty eclectic mix.

If you found a time machine, where would you go?

The 1920s, for sure. I think I would’ve thrived then.

If you could have dinner with any six people, dead or alive, who would they be?
My grandma, James Dean, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Ghandi, and Honey Boo Boo.

What is one food you could eat daily?
Any Reese’s product, really.

What’s your favorite saying or quote?
My dad growing up would say, “Lead, follow, or get outta the way.” I feel like that mentality has gotten me to be the person I am today.

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