Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless, Underwear, Workout Photos

Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless, Underwear, Workout Photos. Damn! Didn’t realize that Patrick, who was only 19 when we first blogged about him, is now 27 years old. Oh, and he’s become a legitimate model and actor too.

We gotta give the guy props. If we were him, we’d rather sit pretty and bask in our family’s reflected glory but he’s out there trying to make a name for himself. Sure, he’s got a leg up for being a political and celebrity scion but you can’t deny the fact that he’s putting in the work.

To date, Patrick has a total of 16 acting credits to his name and he’s climbed the ladder from being a bit player (Jock Kid Game #3 ), to being part of an ensemble cast (on the TV miniseries The Long Road Home), to being one of the leads (in the 2019 horror Daniel Isn’t Real).

Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of Patrick:

patrick schwarzenegger body

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless at the beach

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless model in jeans

He looks cute in his white tank top shirt.

patrick schwarzenegger model in tank top shirt

patrick schwarzenegger model

Finally, some screencaps of the actor in his boxers underwear from the 2018 movie Midnight Sun.

patrick schwarzenegger underwear in midnight sun

patrick schwarzenegger underwear in midnight sun2

patrick schwarzenegger underwear in midnight sun3

And here are some peekabo underwear photos we grabbed from his Insta (follow him @patrickschwarzenegger).

patrick schwarzenegger underwear peekabo

patrick schwarzenegger underwear peekabo2

Who’s He Dating? Apparently, he is in a relationship with a model named Abby Champion. He’s also dated Miley Cyrus, Tootsie Burns, and Taylor Swift.

Patrick Schwarzenegger as a Male Model (5 April 2013). Check out this guy shopping in his boxers underwear? How cool is that? Does this mean that the 19-year old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will follow his daddy’s footsteps and model men’s underwear and swimsuits? We sure hope he does. After all, he did model some Hudson Jeans and isn’t it the natural progression in the modeling world, you know, that jeans models go on to become underwear models? That’s the way it works, right? Hehe.

Anyhoo, check out a shirtless Patrick (also known as Patrick Shriver according to wikipedia) modeling for Hudson Jeans.

patrick schwarzenneger modeling hudson jeans

Question for you old-time Famewatchers: What do Patrick and Georgia May Jagger have in common? Both are kids of famous parents who went on to model for Hudson Jeans. See Georgia’s modeling pic in Hudson Jeans for Girls.

As for Patrick’s dad’s underwear modeling photos, go check them out here: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Underwear & Speedos. You think Patrick can beat that? Well, he may not have his dad’s impressive bulging biceps but he’s a fitness freak and is, in his own right, every inch a hunk. Have you seen his shirtless photos floating around the internets. Well, we gathered some of them for you to appreciate.

Here’s our Patrick doing some monkey bar workout.

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless workout

Patrick does some push-ups at the park.

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless workout pushup

He takes a page from the Matthew McConaughey playbook by running shirtless in Hollywood.

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless workout running

Swimming at the beach with kid brother Christopher.

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless workout swimming

Swimming with buddy, Nick Sheinberg, during a swim meet. The two are reportedly childhood buddies.

patrick schwarzenegger shirtless workout swim

So we’ve seen him monkey-barring, doing push-ups, running, and swimming. Now, check out our Patrick biking around Hollywood by his lonesome.

patrick schwarzenneger style v neck shirt white

Patrick sure has some nice washboard abs, no? It may not be as defined as Taylor Lautner’s but Patrick’s abs are looking good.

patrick schwarzenneger body at the beach

Speaking of Taylor Lautner, here’s him and our Patty playing football at the pitch. [Second question for you Famewatchers: If Taylor Lautner is really 5′ 10¾” (1.80 m) as his IMDB profile claims and Patrick Schwarzenegger is 5′ 11″ (1.80 m) as also claimed by IMDB, then why does the latter look much taller that the Twilight Star?]

patrick schwarzenneger gay with taylor lautner

The pics of Taylor and Patrick being buddy-buddies have, not surprisingly, sent the gossip mongers who went on overdrive with their ridiculous claims that the two are gay lovebirds…

patrick schwarzenneger dating taylor lautner

… and that the two were seen driving off to God-knows-where after partying together at some some Oscar after-party.

patrick schwarzenneger boyfriend taylor lautner

What these gossipmongers refuse to acknowledge is the fact that Patrick and Taylor are actually appearing in a movie together, Grown Ups 2, where they are cast as fraternity bros.

patrick schwarzenneger - v neck shirt

Anyhoo, let’s end this post with the above Patrick Schwarzenegger smoking hot photo, shall we? He knows that smoking is bad for the lungs, right?

Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless, Underwear, Workout Photos
. First posted 5 April 2013. Last updated: March 7, 2021 at 6:47 am.