David Hasselhoff Leather Jackets: Knight Rider and The Roast

David Hasselhoff Leather Jackets: Knight Rider and The Roast. We here at Famewatcher have a soft spot for David Hasselhoff aka The Hoff. Why, you ask? We like him because he was the main television Speedo hunk back at the 90s when not a lot of men are showing some skin on TV.

We love him as a judge in America’s Got Talent. And we admire the fact that, unlike some talented men who wasted their talents, he’s the kind of guy who made the most of his gifts. People tend to question his singing ability but The Hoff was a bonafide hit in Germany and who are we to question that, huh?

david hasselhoff leather jacket

Anyhoo, here are some photos of The Hoff in his black liquid leather jacket taken during The Roast of David Hasselhoff which will reportedly air August 15 on Comedy Central.

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david hasselhoff leather jacket collection

David Hasselhoff Leather Jackets in Knight Rider (02 August 2011). Apparently, a lot of you David Hasselhoff fans are looking for the leather jackets he wore in the 1980s television hit, Knight Rider. Well, he have some photos of David in his leather jackets but, sadly, we don’t have any information on the brand behind these jackets or who manufactured them.

david hasselhoff leather jacket knight rider

We guess only David himself and the Knight Rider production team know from where they bought his leather jackets.

david hassselhoff leather jacket on knight rider

Oh, don’t we just love David’s big hair!

david hasselhoff leather jacket in knight rider

Can you ID the kid? Is he David’s sidekick? It’s obvious we didn’t watch the show, no? Forgive us, it’s from the big-haired 80s.

Now, say what you will about David Hasselhoff but you gotta give the guy credit for staying relevant all these years. A lot of 1980s/1990s stars have since disappeared but we still see him in popular shows like America’s Got Talent and he’s gonna be a judge on Britain’s Got Talent too. Maybe this is why he’s wearing a Union Jack leather jacket?

union jack david hasselhoff leather jacket

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