Reese Witherspoon Bikini Swimwear and Pink Bunny Costume

reese witherspoon swimsuit - two piece bikini

Reese Witherspoon Bikini Swimwear. Hey look, it’s Miss Legally Blonde herself Reese Witherspoon sitting by the pool in his two-piece itsy bitsy yellowish bikini. That’s her beau Jake Gyllenhaal with his back to the camera. These two are a pretty cool couple. They should stop the dating and get married already.

Katy Perry One-Piece Swimsuit in San Remo Concert

katy perry one-piece swimsuit - san remo

Katy Perry One-Piece Swimsuit in San Remo Concert. We love us our Katy Perry here at Famewatcher. Why, you ask? Because she kissed a girl and she liked it and because she doesn’t take herself that seriously. She’s got a sense of fun, you know, but she doesn’t overdo it to the point of becoming annoying (see Jennifer Aniston hehe).