Survivor Girls in Bikinis: Female Castaways

Survivor Bikini Girls. Who is the hottest female Survivor castaway? Of course, its the one who rocks her two-piece bikini, right? So we made a list of the Survivor bikini girls to help us see who rocks her outfit the most.

We begin with the trio of Sierra Reed, Candace Smith, and Carolina Eastwood.

survivor bikini girls - cbs

Sierra Reed: Sierra is Survivor Tocantin’s Sugar. Hope she fares better than Sugar who I really loved but who made a dumbass move when she ensured that Bob Crowley goes to the finals to beat her nice ass. That’s not how you play the game, Sugar. Hope Sierra doesn’t make the same mistake.

Candace Smith: This girl’s practically got everything. The brains (she’s a lawyer), the body (as obvious in her bikini pic), and a beauty queen title.

Carolina Eastwood: We like I like this girl. She reminds us of Rachael Ray. She seems to be too nice which may be a disadvantage. Niceness can work at times but you got to have the required killer instinct to go far in Survivor.

Our next Survivor bikini girl is our favorite here at Famewatcher: Sugar of Survivor Gabon. Her real name is actually Jessica Michele Kiper.

Sugar of Survivor Gabon: Is there anyone out there creating a Sugar fan club? May we join the group. Haha. Let’s all remember Episode 9 as the episode where Sugar came out of her shell to be a strategic player. We think she is an intelligent player who presented herself as the typical dumb blonde so the others will underestimate her which they, by that we mean the Kota tribe, predictably did.

We loved how Sugar can’t contain herself from laughing when Randy found out that his fake idol is not the immunity idol.

Erinn Lobdell: Pretty girl, this Erinn. Did she steal Parvati Shalow’s top? Because we kinda remember seeing that before.

survivor bikini girls - erinn lobdell

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