FameMeter: Bugz Daigo

In an earlier post, we said that we decided to have a column of E-List celebrities but we also said that we have no person yet in mind to serve as our example of what an E-List celebrity would be. Now, after some research we found the right person: Bugz Daigo, a former contestant in GMA-7’s Starstruck artista search.

Let’s go back to our earlier description of an E-Lister and see if it fits Bugz. Here’s what we said earlier:

An E-List celebrity is one who has had his share of the limelight, his 15 minutes of fame kumbaga, but who then faded back to oblivion after the time went up… An E-Lister is a fringe-dweller in the entertainment business.

Don’t you think Bugz nicely fits the description? We really think he does. Coz after getting some attention by being a StarStruck contestant he was eliminated eliminated in the show. He then guested in some GMA-7 shows but we don’t him anymore. Not regularly anyway.

Unlike the other celebrities we rated earlier: Kris Aquino (A-List), Sam Milby (B-List), Ruffa Gutierrez (C-List), and Chynna Ortaleza (D-List), we will not have a detailed evaluation of an E-Lister’s star power (fan base, body of work, talent, achievements, current project, and media buzz) because, really, there’s just very little to say about them.

Now, even though Bugz or any E-Lister for that matter is at the bottom of the celebrity hierarchy, it is worth remembering that most celebrities really began their careers as members of the E-List. So there is hope yet for Bugz and other E-Listers. That is, if they persist in the biz, word hard, land good projects, and get some lucky breaks.

By the way, if you are a Buz Daigo fan, he has a website (we’re not sure if it his official site).

Your comments on Bugz:

Amor: As a columnist and celebrity critic, to judge purely of his star power would proove to be hardly significant. To be brutally honest in all regards and completely unbaised opinion, I do not expect his career to flourish. He has a few youtube posts on the web. Needless to say there is’nt really any substancial talent. His original compositions are very short of note worthy. His acting sub par or profoundly boring by most accounts. Perhaps a one hit wonder that never was.

Chad: Hi Moe. It’s Me Chaddie your classmate from la Salle. How are you? Last I heard was that you had a job lined up for “YES” Magazine or Asian journal in the States. This is such a pleasant surprise. I did’nt expect to come across you this way. Anyway, I do agree with you on this particular artist. He has no real talent. He tries so hard it looks desperate. Pathetic even. He has a slight accent. if Im not mistaken, I think he’s from cebu. Moe are you in the country? Do you have a twitter account? look me up.