Expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket: Belstaff Pegaso Blouson

Expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket: Belstaff Pegaso Blouson. Want more men in Belstaff leather jackets? Here’s English platform diver turned actor/martial artist Jason Statham kinda looking funny in his Belstaff Pegaso blouson.

Did you see him in his latest movie, The Expendables, where he co-stars with other major action stars? Jason is a badass actor, we tell you. He should team up with Jet Li for an action-comedy movie where they will do a lot of butt kicking. They would be fun to watch.

expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket by belstaff

A closer look at the Belstaff Pegaso Blouson.

expendables Jason Statham Leather Jacket - belstaff on lee christmas

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Expendables Action Stars: What Are They Wearing?. This update is for those of you who are wondering about the accessories and whatnots that your favorite Expendable star is wearing.

Okay, technically, Jason is not wearing that bike but that bike he’s riding is a Ducati Desmosedici RR which is made in Italy. According to the IMDB trivia about this movie, the Ducatti sport-bike carries a price tag of $75,000 and has a top speed of +190 mph (305 km/h). Only 1,500 were made. Only 500 were sent to the U.S. which sold out in 5 hours. The very first one in the U.S. who got himself a Ducati Desmosedici RR is Hollywood resident weirdo, Tom Cruise.

But let’s go back to what the Expendables stars are wearing, shall we? Here’s the badass Sylvester Stallone looking even more badass (if that’s possible) with that aviator sunglasses. What brand is it you ask? That’s a Ray-Ban 3029 Outdoorsman Aviators, baby.

Sly sports a Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante watch. See more celebrity Panerai watches.

Jason is also wearing a Panerai Luminor in the pic below.

We’ll update this later once we have what the other stars are wearing, okay?

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