Gerard Butler Leather Jackets: Gucci Bomber and Other Outfits

Gerard Butler Leather Jackets: Gucci Bomber and Other Outfits. You’ve seen Gerard Butler’s Omega Speedmaster watch, now let’s check out his awesome and sexy brown leather jacket. What, you say, you’re doing back-to-back posts on Gerard Butler? Yes we are! You’ve got a problem with that? Didn’t we say he’s got sexy and and awesome leather jackets? That’s why a lot of celebrities cozy up to him!

Gerard Butler Leather Jackets

Like this girl, Hayden Panettiere who’s trying to steal our Gerard from us.

And another girl is like “let me hug you Gerard”. Get off our man, woman! Who is this Toula Mavridou anyway? Oh, she’s reportedly one of the most successful celebrity producers according to IMDB.

Ugh! Gerard and Jeremy Piven. What’s up with all these body-hugging, Gerard. Stop it!

Gerad and Zac Efron. At least they’re not touchy-touchy unlike the above photos.

Want More Gerard Butler Leather Jackets and Pants? Dressed in a beanie hat, a pair of Rayban sunglasses, bulging jeans and a dark brown Gucci bomber leather jacket, Gerard Butler gives his fans the thumbs up. Having a good day, eh Gerard?

Gerard Butler Leather Jackets by Gucci

Clearly this Scottish hunk is a fan of the James Dean style of dressing in jeans, white shirt, and leather jacket. It’s a simple but classic look which ain’t just a flash in the pan fashion style but will stand the test of time.

Imaginary fashion tip from Gerard Butler: “Guys who wear motorcycle jackets must have a motorcycle to drive. Otherwise you’re just a pretend badass.” Do you agree with this, fellow Famewatchers?

Gerard Butler Leather Jackets moto jacket

Leather-clad Gerald isn’t only about leather jackets, he looks cool and sexy and awesome in a black leather pants. How shiny is that?

Gerard Butler Leather Pants

Finally, here’s the 300 star wearing a leather vest during a shooting for his upcoming movie, Machine Gun Preacher.

Gerard Butler Leather Vest

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