Errol Barnett Shirtless, Weight Loss, Married, Wedding Photos

Errol Barnett Shirtless and Wedding Photos. Nearly five years later, we are updating this post to note that our hunky journalist who loves to take off his shirt is now a) working with CBS News and b) a very much married man.

He made the move from CNN to CBS last May 2016 or shortly after we published our original post on him below. He was the Washington DC correspondent during the Trump years but he is now based in New York City.

Did we say he’s now a married guy? Yup, he is. Last May 2019, he tied the knot with then-girlfriend Ariana Tolbert who you’ve seen in our earlier post below. Here are some of their wedding photos which we grabbed from People Magazine.

errol barnett wife Ariana Tolbert

Awwww! Belated congratulations, you two!!!

errol barnett wedding to wife ariana

Looking hawt in his groom’s suit.

errol barnett married

Now, since we are all about celebrity shirtlessness here at Famewatcher, we’ll not be doing our job if we do not include these shirtless photos of our CBS journalist in this update.

errol barnett body

We grabbed these images from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @errolbarnett.

errol barnett shirtless cbs correspondent

Who says only male models and actors can be #thirststraps, huh?

errol barnett shirtless thirst trap

Errol Barnett Shirtless Photos (10 May 2016). Let’s continue blogging about media hunks and, this time, let’s check out CNN anchor Errol Barnett who, unlike some of his CNN colleagues (we’re looking at you Anderson!), is generous when it comes to sharing his shirtless photos.

We grabbed this images from Errol’s Instagram account which you might want to follow at @erroswindow. Okay, here’s the first Errol Barnett shirtless pic:

errol barnett shirtless

Did you know that he was chunkier a few years ago? Check out his before and after weight-loss photos:

errol barnett weight loss before and after

Errol’s message accompanying the above: “So I guess I used to have a #dadbod even though I’m not a Dad – That’s possible right? 😅 The left pic is from 2011 when I was 200lbs, 25% body fat and only sporadically lifting #weights. But lifting drinks all the time…🍻 The right pic is now, years of being more healthy and three months into a strict #weights, #running and #eating #lean regimen; 175lbs, 8%bf. #Happy with results but more to do 💪 The biggest challenge is incorporating #workouts + proper foods into my #overnight work schedule + #social life. Painstakingly planning out my days and weeks helps. 📅📝💤 But I want to know – How do you #maintain fitness + #health while still getting everything done? I could use more #advice than in can give! And point me to your #beforeafterpic too.”

And here’s another Errol Barnett shirtless photo:

errol barnett body hot

How did he achieve a sculptured bod? Here’s what he said in Instagram: “Some of you commented on my #weightlossover the past year so I thought on my #bday I would come clean; I weighed 200lbs with 25% body fat not too long ago when I essentially lived and worked on the road. Since returning to the US, I vowed to get #fit. Today I’m 175lbs, 8% fat and #running 10k’s at a much better pace than before. I’m realizing that the best #gift you can give yourself is good #health. Cheesy I know but so damn true. I’ve aimed for it through resistance training, cardio and eating clean. 🍺 allowed of course! If any of you can share advice on methods you’ve used to get fit or be healthier I’d like to hear them. We could all use good advice.”

Is Errol Barnett Gay or Straight? He is straight and he is dating this girl:

errol barnett gay with girlfriend

They sure look good together, don’t they? Barnett and his lady, sitting on a tree! K I S S I N G! Yay!

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