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Eoin Macken Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Guess who’s starring as the leading man in a network drama which just topped the ratings in the good ole USA? It’s our imaginary Merlin boyfriend Eoin Macken, that’s who! He plays the lead male character Gavin Harris in the new TV series La Brea which, according to TVLine, had the highest rating last Tuesday.

Eoin Macken underwear by calvin klein

Eoin Macken merlin

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the show will continue to do great, shall we? The more we see Eoin on our screen, the happier we will be. Haha.

Now, did you know that he modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch when he was younger? Apparently, he did. And we have the receipts. Yay! Too bad we had to crop the photo to follow the rules of our Grandma Akita but boy is our young Eoin hawt, hawt, hawt.

Eoin Macken underwear - abercrombie and fitch

He was hot when he was playing Sir Gwaine in Merlin but we think, and maybe this is just a personal preference, his long hair on that show did him a disservice in that it kinda hid or reduced our Irish actor’s gorgeousness. Boy, does he look great wearing kilt! Want more hot men in kilt?

Eoin Macken hot in kilt

Anyhoo, here are more of Eoin’s early modeling photos.

Eoin Macken young male model - after college

Eoin Macken young hot body

Eoin Macken Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Tons of fanfictions have been written about Eoin pairing him with his Merlin male co-stars (or Sir Gwaine with other Merlin male characters) but the actor is straight. We do not know if they are still in a relationship but he and Anya Taylor Joy of Queen’s Gambit fame are (or were) an item. Here’s a photo we grabbed from Anya’s Instagram page showing the two being cozy and cute together:

Eoin Macken anya taylor joy

More Eoin Macken Underwear and Shirtless Photos. And here are more recent photos of the actor which we grabbed from his Insta page. If you want more, go follow him @eoincmacken.

Eoin Macken underwear now

Eoin Macken shirtless body

Eoin Macken six pack abs towel

Eoin Macken shirtless and beard

Eoin Macken hot in tee and jeans

Eoin Macken shirtless abs

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