Dwight Howard Underwear Model for Adidas Flex 360

Dwight Howard Underwear Model for Adidas Flex 360. Dwight Howard’s underwear is not your classic boxers or briefs but a pair of Adidas Flex 360 which is supposedly a performance underwear. We’ve never heard of performance underwear before. Deena initially thought that its the kind of underwear worn by male strippers during their performances on stage but Kevin says, and we agree with him, that Adidas Flex 360 is designed more for athletes to wear during competitions and trainings. You don’t want to be wearing scratchy underwear while trying to shoot some a ball to the basket or kick one to the goal, don’t you?

dwight howard underwear model

Anyhoo, here’s some of the specs of the underwear that Dwight would want you to wear:

  • contoured to fit you uniquely and allow great freedom of movement
  • CLIMACOOL provides optimal ventilation and breathability
  • lightweight, extremely soft and quick-drying
  • treated to reduce odor-causing bacteria
  • tagless plush-soft waistband
  • smooth non-chafing stitching
  • dual mesh paneling
  • double-lined support pouch
  • no ride-up leg construction
  • polyester/spandex
  • washable
  • imported

As none of us here at Famewatcher have tried Adidas Flex 360 (it’s safe to say that none of us are the sporty kind), we don’t know how this faves vis-a-vis other kinds of underwear. Those of you who tried it might want to do a review of Adidas Flex 360 in the comments. Is it good? Comfortable? Loose enough? Tight enough? Affordable or expensive? Let’s take another look at this Dwight Howard underwear for performance purposes by Adidas underwear.

dwight howard underwear by adidas

Wowza! This basketball jock sure is taking very good care of his body. No wonder the guys at ESPN Magazine included him in their The Body Edition back in 2009. Want to see more Hot Basketball Players?

dwight howard espn body

Want another shirtless photo of this NBA All-Star baller? Here you go! Hot damn! The guy’s fuckin’ fit and totally shaggable, no? So manly and virile. Hehehe.

dwight howard shirtless

Another photo of Dwight in a pair of boxer briefs. Or is simply shorts? It’s hard to tell but boy does he have a sculpted body that mortals can only dream about.

dwight howard underwear boxer briefs

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