Celebrities Wearing Adidas: Hugh Jackman and Other Famous People

Celebrities Wearing Adidas Sportswear. Hey, look who’s gone all-Adidas on us? It’s Aussie Hollywood super-hunk Hugh Jackman. He’s, like, wearing the Adidas sportswear catalog. Hehe. Well, except for that shoes which is obviously from Nike.

celebrities wearing adidas hughjackman workout

Hugh Jackman in Adidas workout gear.

celebrities wearing adidas shorts - hugh jackman

Who says working out and staying healthy can’t be a family affair? Certainly not our Aussie hunk!


Hugh and his kids!


For more Adidas sportswear, check out Justin Bieber’s Adidas Campo Soccer Shorts, Jason Statham’s Adidas Firebird Jacket, and these Adidas Climacool sports outfits.

More Famous Celebrities Wearing Adidas Sportswear (07 August 2011). Yes Virginia, Hugh Jackman isn’t the only Hollywooder who loves Adidas. In fact, this German sportswear label is very popular among celebrities and it was pretty for us to identify some of them wearing their Adidas outfits.

For example, here’s multi-awarded actress Reese Witherspoon wearing an Adidas cap. Seems like America’s sweetheart went some grocery shopping after a running workout, eh?

Another female celebrity who was spotted in an Adidas sweater is Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Elisha Dushku. The Maxim Magazine’s sixth hottest woman in 2009 is wearing an Adidas Originals Trefoil Hoody.

If you watched the 2002 comedy drama, Bend it Like Beckham, you would have seen English actress Keira Knightley sporting an Adidas sports bra. Though she’s been acting since she was a kid, her role in Bend it Like Beckham is what got Keira noticed by critics and moviegoers (well, the Adidas sports bra helped make her memorable too for sure).

From female celebrities who wear Adidas sportswear, let’s now move on to their male counterparts. We begin with one of the most controversial men in America, radio talk show host Howard Stern who is seen here wearing an above-the-knee Adidas short pants while doing his running workout. Who’d have thunk the Howard is into running, no?

Adidas is popular among Bollywood superstars too. Here’s Shahrukh Khan wearing an Adidas sports jacket. Did you know Newsweek Magazine named Shahrukh as the biggest movie star in the world? Bollywood has a much bigger audience than Hollywood so we were not surprised about that. [Check out Shahrukh Khan in Tag Heuer]

The last but not the least in our list of Adidas-wearing celebrities is South African golfer, Justin Rose.

Doesn’t he look cute in that blue Adidas sweater? Justin has been playing professionally since 1998 and has a total of nine golf tournament titles to his name.

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