Gary Lineker Underwear, Shirtless Photos, and New Girlfriend?

Gary Lineker Underwear. Gary Lineker may be the British version of Wendy Williams. Of course we are not saying that he is as shady as the American talk show host. Nor are we claiming that he is as tacky or as gossipy as Wendy. Anyhoo, the TV host had to literally eat crow when she bet that Kim and Kanye’s marriage will not last more than 72 days (Kim’s previous marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries). Wendy lost her bet and, to her credit, she went ahead and ate crow on her show.

wendy williams eats crow

Meanwhile, Gary’s version of eating crow came in the form of him presenting in his underwear. Check him out in this video:

So why did Gary end up in the studio wearing nothing but his boxer shorts? The Guardian has the details:

Gary Lineker has fulfilled his promise to present BBC’s Match of the Day in his underwear, following months of speculation. Kind of. The former Leicester City striker had vowed to present the BBC football programme in his undies if the club won the Premier League title, which they did against the odds in May.

In the event he presented the first part of the programme in what appeared to be a large pair of white shorts with a Leicester City logo on the front, and nothing else. The 55-year-old wore the shorts for about the first 30 minutes of the show then appeared back on screen fully dressed. He said: “It is a one-off and a sporting miracle that has landed me in my underwear.”

We give props to Gary Lineker because he fulfilled his promise. Now, we’re publishing some Gary Lineker underwear photos below for those of you who can’t watch the video above. Or in case it gets deleted.

gary lineker underwear - boxer shorts2

You are a good sport, mate! Want more men in boxers underwear?

gary linker underwear broadcast

Those of us who were disappointed that Gary opted to wear boxer shorts rather than skimpy briefs will have to make do with fan-generated Gary Lineker underwear images like this one:

gary lineker underwear - white briefs - fakepic2

Or this one which also features former UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

gary lineker briefs underwear - fan made2

Oh wait, there’s more. Apparently, his dare to wear undies while presenting became a meme so lots of folks photoshopped Gary’s head on the bodies of male underwear models.

gary lineker underwear briefs4

gary lineker underwear briefs3

gary lineker underwear briefs2

gary lineker underwear briefs

Does Gary have a new girlfriend? He remains a single dude after he called it quits with Danielle Bux. The two are on friendly terms and were, in fact, seen vacationing in L.A. together. Maybe a reconciliation is not out of the question, no?

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