Dustin Lynch Shirtless, Cowboy Hat + Boots, and Girlfriend?

Dustin Lynch Shirtless Photo. We are not done blogging about shirtless country singers and, from Luke Bryan, let’s focus our attention to country music newcomer Dustin Lynch. Who says a country star can’t also be a surfer hunk?


With that model body and all, he’s got to be the sexiest man in the world of country music? Or can you think of someone else? Do tell in the comments!

Although he’s relatively new in the music world, Dustin already has two top Billboard charters to his name — Cowboys and Angels which peaked at #2 in the country chart and which was certified platinum and Where It’s At (Yep, Yep) which peaked at #4 and which, to date, has a gold certification.

Dustin Lynch Cowboy Hat. Apparently, Dustin wears a limited-edition Resistol cowboy hat.

dustin lynch cowboy hat - resistol - limited edition

Taste of Country tells us more about David’s hat:

His straw-colored Resistol hat is a super limited-edition piece of headgear. In fact, he’s the only one with overstock. “After Resistol saw me wearing this hat in the ‘Cowboys and Angels’ video,” the singer told Taste of Country last spring, “they called me and were like ‘Well, we’ve got bad news.’”

It’s a 2011 hat, but the company found six in a warehouse in Mexico and sent them to Lynch in Nashville. A summer on the road will take a toll on a hat. “They start smelling and I can’t stand it,” Lynch says, indicating that the one on his head would soon be turned into a candy dish, flower pot or whatever it is singers do with old hats. He’ll kick that can down the road for a few more years, but eventually, he’ll need to make a change.

Is there no chance at all that Resistol will agree to produce similar hats in the future? With David wearing this particular hat, it would be free advertisement for them, right?

Dustin Lynch Boots: Those of you wondering about the boots that David prefers to wear will find the answer in the video as our man answers the question himself. Watch:

Dustin Lynch Girlfriend: Is he dating anyone at the moment? Is he single? Does Dustin have a wife or girlfriend? Well, in an interview with the Country Vibe, here’s what he said about his current relationship status: “I’m single. I don’t have any sort of serious relationship right now.”

So there you go ladies, Dustin is totally single. We’re not sure though if he’s available because he also stated that his career is his priority.

Anyhoo, let’s end this post with this photo of Dustin Lynch with Luke Bryan and another country musician, Randy Houser. We grabbed this from Dustin’s Instagram account (@dustinlynchmusic).

dustin lynch luke bryan and randy houser

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