Dolph Lundgren Plastic Surgery? Young and Old Photos

Dolph Lundgren Plastic Surgery? Young and Old Photos. Did Dolph Lundgren undergo plastic surgery to maintain his youthful looks? Or did he find Ponce de Leon’s legendary Fountain of Youth? Or did he sign a pact with the devil exchanging his soul for eternal youthfulness?

Oh wait, maybe he went through one of those controversial stem cell therapy which is now becoming a cure-all for any human health condition like old age (if old age is a health condition, that is).

Anyhoo, check out these photos of Dolph we grabbed from TMZ. These does make you ask, as TMZ does, whether the 54-year-old Swedish bodybuilder/martial artist/Hollywood actor has good doctors or good genes.

Dolph Lundgren Plastic Surgery before after

To be sure, Dolph is known to be very much conscious of his health, a “health nut” or a “health freak” if you will. And, as we very well know, people who take care of themselves healthwise will look younger than their counterparts who don’t. Of the guys in our earlier post about Swimsuits for Older Men, Dolph Lundgren easily outranks — outhunks? — the other celebrities in terms of how they maintained their bodies.

Anyhoo, here are photos of The Expendables star taken while he’s promoting his latest movie as well as a few years back.

Looking hot in a tee-shirt back in 2010. The lines on his forehead belies any surgical enhancement like botox.

dolph lundgren handsome

Shooting for In the Name of the King: Two Worlds, an action/adventure movie with Dolph as the lead star. Who says guys in their 50s can’t topbill a Hollywood movie? [Ageists will point out though that the movie didn’t get a wide release and it seems like it went direct to DVD.] We love his military style jacket.

dolph lundgren hot

Now, here are photos of Lundgren as a young man. They actually show that our Swedish muscle hunk has aged but it is pretty obvious he is in much better shape than other men in their fifties. Here’s Dolph as a sculpted Swedish god.

dolph lundgren muscle

And here’s Dolph as cyclist in bike shorts. Want more Swedish hunks?

dolph lundgren tight cycling shorts

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