Armani Mens Leather Jackets For Fall and Winter

Armani Mens Leather Jackets. Check out these Giorgio Armani leather jackets for men from the Italian label’s menswear collection. We should have added one of these to our earlier post on Fall Winter Leather Jackets for Men but we decided that these fab outfits deserve a separate post.

armani mens leather jackets

Okay, the trousers are funky ridiculous and no man in his right mind would ever wear them (okay, maybe Perez Hilton will but he’s not exactly known for having a good fashion sense), but the leather jackets are to-die-for. Okay, maybe not to-die-for because no outfit even if they’re made by Italian designers is worth dying for but you know what we mean, right?

armani mens leather jackets for winter

All hail the nerdy cute men of the universe! Would you agree that the hotness of your professor will go up tenfold if he trades his tweed jacket with a suede elbow patch for this chic leather jacket? Who says university teachers can’t be stylish? Not us, not you, and not Giorgio Armani who is clearly shooting for the “academic demographic” with the model below.

armani mens winter leather jackets

Fashion question of the day: Is it okay to wear a vest over your leather jacket? Of course not, silly! Are you crazy? Only a douchebag from MTV’s Jersey Shore will do such a thing. Both fashionistas and the non-fashionistas will laugh at you if you cover your leather jacket with a vest. And they’d be right laughing at you too. Or are they?

armani mens leather jackets fall winter

Hey wait, this model has a vest over his leather jacket, so it must be okay right? Hmmm, interesting. Actually, the ensemble does look chic on him. Then again, sure it looks good on the runway but in real life, it ain’t cool, fashionable, or stylish to cover your leather jacket with a vest.

Would you put on a pair of shorts over your jeans? A raincoat over your umbrella? A mini-skirt over your maxi dress? Of course not! The same principle applies when it comes to “vest-over-leather-jacket” nonsense.

Anyhoo, before we end, here’s our favorite among the Armani mens leather jackets in this Giorgio Armani Menswear Fall/Winter Collection. Want more Armani? Check out these Celebrity Armani Suits.

Armani Mens Leather Jackets for Fall and Winter. Posted 18 August 2012. Last updated: January 25, 2020 at 1:19 am.