David Skrela Dieux Du Stade Calendar: Gods of Football French Rugby Hunk

David Skrela Dieux Du Stade Calendar Model: Gods of Football French Rugby Hunk. Today in guys with big balls, we bring you these photos of the awesome French rugby player David Skrela who modeled for the Gods of Football calendar.

If you are a fan of gorgeous men in the world of sports, we’re pretty sure you are already familiar with this calendar (it’s also more popularly known as Dieux du Stade calendar) which features rugby players and other athletes who are willing to get photographed in the buff. Here’s David from the 2006 version of the calendar.

David Skrela dieux du stade shirtless rugby player

And here’s our gorgeous French rugby athlete in the Dieux du Stade 2008 edition. [Update: Sorry, we had to crop the photos, the originals are just too risque for our Grandma Akita.

David Skrela dieux du stade gods of the stadium calendar2x

Some screencapped images of David from the calendar behind the scenes video we grabbed from Evil Twin Caps:

David Skrela calendar model dieux du stade 2008

david skrela shirtless rugby player

David Skrela dieux du stade model 2008

Now, there is no denying that our French rugby star looks like a Greek god in these photos but he is gorgeous too when he has his clothes on. Check him out for instance in his body-hugging shirt:

david skrela hot rugby player

david skrela french rugby player gay or straight

He also dapper in this suit and tie ensemble.

david skrela hot in suit and tie

Oh, even when he is playing, kicking balls and stuff he still manages to look gorgeous. We are so loving him in his short-shorts.

david skrela french rugby star

Who says boys do’t look good in pink? Certainly not our David who looks badass in his all-pink uniform.

david skrela gay or straight

Finally, here’s an autographed photo of our friend hottie on the rugby field (or is also called a pitch like in football?).

david skrela rugby player short shorts

Does David Skrela have a girlfriend? So does our French rugby god have a girlfriend or is he still single and available. We asked the question because our friend Deena wondered about it. After some research, we found out that David does not have a girlfriend. If you think that’s good news, we’re sorry to tell you that what he has, in fact, is a wife named Celine. In addition, according to a report on Stade Francais Paris (stade.fr), the couple have a daughter named Chloe and a son named Gabin.

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