Czech Male Models of the Day: Brandon Manilow and Dolph Lambert

Czech Male Models of the Day. Famewatchers, let us start a series called models of the day. Because Kevin insists, we begin with two Czech male models who are his favorites. First of the two is a gorgeous hunk named Brandon Manilow. The next guy, who is just as gorgeous, is Dolph Lambert.

Aww! They are so happy together!

czech male models dolph lambert and brandon manilow3

Brandon Manilow, for those of you who are not familiar with him and his work, is a Czech actor who specialize in the “adult” genre. You know what we mean, right? He hails from Deblin in the Czech Republic and he’s been working as an actor since 2001 when he starred in the film “101 Boys: Part 10”.

To date, the 28 year old hunk (born January 1983) has starred in 24 videos. His latest video, entitled “More Than You Can Handle”, was released in 2010. He was nominated for Best Actor for the Gavyn Awards for his performance in a movie which bears his name – The Private Life of Brandon Manilow which was released in 2008.

Brandon stands at 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in), weighs 80 kilos, and has brown eyes and hair. He is a bit of a sports nut as he’s pretty good in soccer, tennis and swimming. He also goes by the name Ondrej according to IMDB.

This Brandon dude got him some nice washboard abs, doesn’t he?

czech male models - brandon manilow2

Meanwhile, our second Czech male model of the day is Dolph Lambert. He is younger than Brandon for he was born in 1988. Not unexpectedly, he also started acting in adult videos at a later date. His first movie, “Personal Trainers: Part 10”, was released in 2007 while his latest one is More Than You Can Handle which also stars Brandon as we mentioned earlier.

So far, Dolph starred in seven adult-oriented movies according to his IMDB profile. Given that he’s only 23 years old, expect this blue-eyed six footer to appear in more movies in the future. [Note: Dolph’s eyes is actually blue-green.] Like Brandon, Dolph also comes from the Czech Republic, the Moravia region in particular.

Look who’s got some really nice abs? You sure have been working out Mr. Lambert!

czech male models - dolph lambert

In conclusion, let us end this post with this photo of our two Czech male models of the day just chillin’ with a happy dog.

czech male models dolph lambert and brandon manilow

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