Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show Ratings

Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show Ratings. If you’re a Craig Ferguson fan like us Famewatchers, we’re sure you occasionally go, “How is our Craig doing in the ratings game?” Well, Craig groupies, we’re glad to report that he is doing well.

NY Post: Craig Ferguson’s “Late Late Show” continues to corral viewers. For the week ending Jan. 16, “Late Late Show” beat Conan O’Brien’s “Late Night” in total viewers (2.1 million to 1.9 million), with two caveats – “Late Night” was a repeat that Friday while “Late Late Show” was delayed until 12:53 a.m. that Thursday due to President Bush’s farewell speech.

Still, Ferguson’s show was up a strong 25 percent in adults 18-34 from the same week in ’08 – though “Late Night” claimed victory in that demo.

Way, to go Craig! Hey, CBS, can you give this man a band already! He totally deserves it.


Craig Ferguson and Joel McHale

We want our most favoritest celebrities to work together so we are thrilled to see Joel McHale appear on Craig Ferguson. This video is a blast which is what we should expect from these two witty guys. We’re so looking forward to their threeway with Keith Olbermann.

We love how these two make fun of The Ryan.

Craig Ferguson on The Soup With Joel McHale

After we uploaded Joel McHale’s guesting on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, we discovered that Craig appeared on The Soup. Not unexpectedly, these two didn’t disappoint. Here’s the video.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Craig Ferguson

Craig tells Jennifer that she makes a good dominatrix. Hehe. Then Jennifer asks him to be a guest on Ghost Whisperer which she is now directing.

These two are really funny. And kudos to Jennifer for learning how to direct. If these two are serious, we should look forward to Craig on the Guest Whisperer.

Deification of Youth – The Wisdom of Craig Ferguson

Here’s a real funny video of our favorite late night host Craig Ferguson talking about the deification of youth. It’s the best anti-aging tip we’ve heard for years and is a must watch for those who’d like to stay young forever.

Craig Ferguson on The Fashion Show vs. Project Runway

Funnyman Craig Ferguson shares his thoughts on the fashion industry. His take on them models with “attitude”? They’ve got restless leg syndrome or something.

Craig Ferguson on Apple vs. Microsoft

One of my nightly viewing pleasures is Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show. I love his great sense of humor. Here’s an example of that humor where he compares Apple and Microsoft.

Nora O’Donnell on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show

Ahh, Craig Ferguson. He makes me crack. He interviews MSNBC’s Nora O Donnell and castigates her for not smelling Barack Obama. He goes, “You have a chance to smell the President Elect and you didn’t do it. And you call yourself a reporter.” Hahaha.

Craig Ferguson and Betty White

Well, this is not really a new video but it’s funny so I’m uploading it. Craig Ferguson and Betty White are two of my favoritest celebs so its great to see them together. They’re cool and funny as always. Watch them make fun of John McCain.