Cowboy Wrangler Jeans Vintage and Current

Cowboy Wrangler Jeans Vintage and Current. We are updating this post to bring you more vintage ads for cowboy cut Wrangler jeans as well as some celebrities who are endorsers or spokespersons for the iconic brand. Probably the most famous celebrity Wrangler fan is country singer George Strait who endorsed the brand as far back as the 1990s.

cowboy wrangler jeans - george strait

A more recent advert for the Wrangler cowboy cut collection featuring George Strait:

cowboy wrangler jeans - george strait2

In 2018, Wrangler signed singer Jon Pardi to be the new face of its Wrangler Retro collection:

cowboy wrangler jeans - jon pardi

Wrangler Jeans Vintage Ads: Cowboy Denim Fashion (20 August 2011). Real cowboys wear Wrangler Jeans. By real cowboy we mean one of the most famous of them all, the legendary Jim Shoulders aka Babe Ruth of Rodeo. Jim, who boasts of an unprecedented sixteen rodeo championships, is the brand ambassador for Wrangler back in the 1940s-1950s.

Way to go, cowboy!

wrangler jeans for real cowboys

1966 vintage Wrangler ad which teaches us how to pronounce Wrangler correctly (the W is silent, baby).

In 1969, Wrangler continues to tell its audience and target market to leave the “W” unsaid. This one says, “You have to look for the ‘W’ because it’s silent”.

Of course, Wrangler isn’t all about tough denim jeans. Back then, it also carried a sportswear line called Mr. Wrangler.

Back in the 1960s aka The Decade of Hipsters, pink trousers is an acceptable outfit for sporty men. It would be cool if we can say the same these days no? We would so love our favorite sports jocks – David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Brett Favre among others – to rock their pink trousers.

Here’s a vintage ad promoting Wrangler Sportswear With Dacron. What in heavens name is dacron? Apparently, Dacron (not dacron with a small “d”) is the trademark brand name for a kind of polyester fiber. Now you know!

Wrangler Jeans for Real Cowboys (16 August 2010). The above advert headlines, “Everybody knows real cowboys wear Wrangler“. Well, we certainly didn’t know that. We thought they were more into Levis jeans but what do we know? What about you? Did you know that real cowboys wear Wrangler jeans? Well, check out these kinda vintage ads for Wrangler Jeans.