Owain Yeoman Shirtless: He’s a Hot Celebrity Vegetarian

Owain Yeoman Hot in Suit Update. So, how’s our favorite Welsh actor in Hollywood doing these days? Per IMDB, he appears to be doing well. He continues to star on TV shows after The Mentalist concluded in 2015. For instance, he was a regular in the AMC period drama, TURN: Washington’s Spies, as well as in the ABC mystery thriller Emergence. These two shows were not as successful as The Mentalist though which lasted for a freakin’ seven seasons. Anyhoo, here are some shirtless pics of our favorite vegetarian screencapped from Emergence.

Owain Yeoman shirtless in emergence2

Owain Yeoman shirtless in emergence

And because we are being nostalgic, here are another shirtless (and underwear pics) of the actor from a scene on The Mentalist which features his pals, Tim Kang and Simon Baker. Oh, to be an audience as he gives himself a shower. Hehe.

Owain Yeoman boxer shorts underwear - the mentalist

Owain Yeoman boxer shorts underwear

More from The Mentalist, screencaps of Owain in boxer shorts underwear.

Owain Yeoman underwear - boxer shorts in the mentalist2

Owain Yeoman underwear - boxer shorts in the mentalist

He really looks good in a suit and tie, doesn’t he?

Owain Yeoman boxer hot in suit and tie2

Owain Yeoman boxer hot in suit

He kinda rocks his facial hair too!

Owain Yeoman young

Owain Yeoman young and hot 2004

Owain Yeoman hot welsh actor

On the relationship front, he’s been married for nine years already. Oh, he’s a daddy too! Owain and wife Gigi Yallouz welcomed their daughter in 2015. Anyhoo, here’s a pic from their wedding which the actor recently shared on Instagram (follow him @owainyeoman).

owain yeoman wedding photo

Update: More Owain Yeoman Shirtless Photo (8 February 2017). We are updating this post to give you more Welsh hunkiness courtesy or our Owain. These fabulous photos are from the set of The Mentalist where he is one of the main stars.

owain yeoman underwear boxer shorts

At first, we thought he is taking a shower in his underwear but a closer look tells us he is actually wearing short shorts. Right? Whatever. Whether he is wearing boxers underwear or short shorts, there is no denying that a wet Owain is hot, hot, hot.

owain yeoman shirtless

Owain Yeoman Gay or Straight? He is straight but he is supportive of the LGBT community. In fact, he posed for the It Gets Better campaign a few years ago.

owain yeoman gay or straight

He and now wife, Gigi Yallouz tied the know back in 2013. Here’s a photo from their wedding courtesy of People Magazine.

Owain Yeoman wedding Gigi Yallouz

Owain Yeoman Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wedding Photo (7 November 2011). Move over Gethin Jones, you’re no longer the only hunky Welsh man here in Famewatcher. On second thought, Gethin doesn’t really need to move over. We’ll just put him in the same category as the new Welsh hunk we are introducing to you fellow Famewatchers. We are referring, of course, to Owain Yeoman of the hit TV show The Mentalist.

owain yeoman hot shirtless peta

That’s a photo of Owain above which he made for an ad for PETA, you know, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Or something. Let’s take a closer look at our shirtless Owain, shall we?

owain yeoman shirtless peta

Our Welsh hottie, it turns out, is a vegetarian. Maybe we’ll convert to vegetarianism too if we have Owain in our kitchen teaching us some vegetarian recipes. What about it Ewan, eh? Come on now, share with us your veggie recipes and we will share with you our double bed. Fair trade, no? [Want more hot vegetarians like our Owain?]

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