Colin Jost Shirtless Surfer Bro, Gay or Girlfriend, Model

Colin Jost Shirtless Surfer Bro, Gay or Girlfriend, Model. So we were watching Rupaul on Saturday Night Live and we saw this guy Colin Jost and, because we are a thirsty ho, we decided to add him to our list of imaginary boyfriend. We’re like, “Huh! Why did no one tell us that there’s a cookie-cutter cutie on this night live show. We turned to Kevin and said, “Who’s that guy who played Mayor Pete? He’s hawt and he’s our boyfriend now.”

Kevin, who knows his SNL personalities being an avid viewer of the show, laughed and said, “Gurrrl, you’re late. He’s already taken by no less than Scarlett Johansson? They are very much engaged too.”

Turns out that Kevin is right. In fact, a day later, when the Hollywood gliterrati came out for the Oscar Awards our no-longer imaginary boyfriend had ScarJo by his side and they look so in love with each other. Awwww. Sweet love.

colin jost loves scarlett johansson

Since Colin is taken, who should be our imaginary beau? We kinda thought of Bowen Yang but he seems to very into Rupaul and no one can compete with the Queen of Drag.

Colin Jost Shirtless Surfer Bro. Now, just because he can no longer be our imaginary beau does not mean we can’t appreciate and ogle at his shirtless pics, no? Here’s one caught by the papz when he went surfing.

colin jost shirtless

Another photo of the SNL host as a surfer bro:

colin jost shirtless surfer bro

Now, apparently, we ain’t the only one who have a thing for Colin shirtless pics because a superfan went to the extent of photoshopping his head to an adult actor. Ladies and gentleman, a fake Colin Jost shirtless photo:

colin jost shirtless fake photo

Colin Jost Gay or Straight? Well, you already know the answer to this one. He is as straight as an arrow and we gotta give him props for being a believable Pete Buttigieg who’s the most high profile candidate to ever campaign for the US presidency.

colin jost gay pete buttigieg

Colin Jost Modeling Photos. Did you know that he modeled for a brand called George Beene?

colin jost model for geoffrey beene

He also posed like an ANTM contestant in a photoshoot for Golf Magazine. Mama Tyra would be very proud.

colin jost model - golf magazine

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