Christopher Abbott Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Catch 22 Hunk

Christopher Abbott Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Catch 22 Hunk. Even though we are a year late in discovering the TV series Catch-22, let us continue blogging about the hot guys who starred in it and their shorty short shorts.

This time, let us check out the lead actor, Christopher Abbott, who played Capt. John Yossarian. Yossarian is 28-year-old protagonist of the show who serves as a B-25 bombardier stationed on the small island of Pianosa off the Italian mainland during World War II.

christopher abbott hot in short shorts

Catch-22 is produced by George Clooney and and other guys and they must have taken some hints from Ryan Murphy because of the shirtless and nekkid scenes which are aplenty. Not that we are complaining or anything, we are just making an observation.

In fact, since we are thirsty hos and THOTs here on Famewatcher, we’d welcome more shirtless celebrity photos like the ones Christopher is giving us in the screencaps below.

christopher abbott body - soldier

christopher abbott gay or straight catch22

christopher abbott naked catch-22

christopher abbott shirtless body catch 22

Want more men in short shorts?

christopher abbott shirtless hot catch-22

christopher abbott shirtless

christopher abbott hot men in uniform catch 22

Christopher Abbott Underwear. Here’s the actor in his boxer briefs underwear in these screencaps from an episode of Girls.

christopher abbott underwear - boxer briefs in girls

christopher abbott underwear and shirtless body

christopher abbott underwear

Christopher Abbott Gay or Straight? He is straight but you can add him to your list of straight allies to the LGBT community. You can also add him to your list of actors who did not mind playing LGBT characters at a time when it was viewed as a kiss of death on their careers.

Specifically, back in 2008, he played the GBF to a closeted popular jock on the Broadway play Good Boys and True. The actors were praised for their performance but the play itself is criticized by reviewers as having too many elements or being overly complicated.

Anyhoo, here’s Christopher with co-star Brian J. Smith who played the closeted sports jock.

christopher abbott gay best friend in stage play

Christopher Abbott Girlfriend or Wife. He is dating Olivia Cooke according to the Daily Mail. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending the Independent Spirit Awards.

christopher abbott girlfriend olivia cooke

Update: Oops, the two must have broken up because Olivia is reportedly dating Ben Hardy. We will update this post in the future when Christopher has a new girlfriend.

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