Jon Rudnitsky Shirtless, Underwear, Hot in Short Shorts

Jon Rudnitsky Shirtless, Underwear, Hot in Short Shorts. Aside from Pico Alexander, another actor who rocked his short shorts on the TV mini-series Catch-22 is Jon Rudnitsty.

Actually, three other hotties did as well so we might as well name them in one go. From left to right: Jon Rudnitsky, Austin Stowell, the above-mentioned Pico Alexander, and Graham Patrick Martin. All of these guys impressed us in Catch-22 not because they rock their shorty-shorts but because they are pretty good actors as well.

jon rudnitsky hot in short shorts

But this post is about Jon Rudnitsky, who plays the war-loving best friend of the main character John Yossarian (played Christopher Abbott), so here are some of his shirtless photos we screencapped from the BBC/Hulu show.

jon rudnitsky body catch 22

jon rudnitsky gay or straight catch 22

What do you call that flotation device Jon is “riding” in?

jon rudnitsky gay or straight2

jon rudnitsky shirtless body catch22

jon rudnitsky shirtless catch22

From shirtless photos, let us check out Jon in his underwear thanks to a mysterious TV show called Better Briefs. We say it’s mysterious because, per its IMDB listing, it only two episodes aired and then its gone kaput with very little information about it on the interwebs.

jon rudnitsky underwear - michael strahan

Anyhoo, the second episode is called Locked Out in Your Underwear which has our Jon getting locked out of his apartment when he goes out to throw the garbage but forgets to bring his keys. Ever had a similar experience?

It happened to us at least three times and for those times we had to 1) wait for a visitor who we, thankfully, gave a key to, 2) asked someone to climb to our third floor apartment and enter through the window, and) asked someone to destroy the lock when climbing was disallowed by the building management after some reported thefts.

It ain’t cool to be locked out, is all we’re saying. Hehe.

jon rudnitsky underwear model for msx

At least in Jon’s case, he is befriending his fellow building-dwellers.

jon rudnitsky underwear msx boxer briefs

Apparently, Jon is pals with Kenny Loggins. This is what it looks like in the photo anyway.

jon rudnitsky muscle shirt with kenny loggins

Jon Rudnitsky Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no answers to these Qs at the moment but we will update this post once we do have the relevant info in the future.

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