Sam Champion Shirtless, Weatherman in Speedo, WABC-TV New York

Sam Champion Shirtless in Speedo Update. We removed the original pics because Grandma Akita says they’re naughty but here are more Sam Champion shirtless pics which we grabbed from the TV weatherman’s Instagram account (follow him @samchampion).

Sam and Rubem sure look good together, don’t they?

Oh, we should note that the most famous weather forecaster in the world (he’s got the title, right?) is back on regular TV (by this, we mean not just the Weather Channel). Specifically, he is now with the WABC-TV in New York.

sam champion gay husband Rubem Robierb

Hello, lovebirds!

sam champion shirtless husband rubem robierb

Is this Sam Champion swimsuit looks like an Aussiebum?

sam champion speedo daddy

You know you made it in the Best Body category when you are placed in the same page as the Latino hunk that is Mario Lopez. So what do you think of these hawt, hawt, hawt Sam Champion shirtless photos?

sam champion speedo hunk

Sam Champion Speedo Hunk (2 June 2016). He may be in his 50s but ABC weather anchor and Television Hunk Daddy Sam Champion is rocking his swimsuit way better than our 25-year-old boyfriend. Time to leave the couch, honey and do something physical! Hehe.

Anyhoo, the above photo of Sam and his husband Rubem Robierb (who’s also looking good in his swimwear) are from Brazil where the couple are taking an extended honeymoon. Here’s a closer look at the happy couple:

The two got married in December last year in an intimate ceremony held in their New York apartment. According to People Magazine, their wedding was officiated by New York State Supreme Court Justice George J. Silver. (Photo via Daily Mail.) Lots have happened in a few years in the gay marriage front, no? The last time we blogged about a gay wedding was when George Takei Married Brad Altman back in 2008. Since then, more than ten — or is it 15 — states have legalized gay marriage in the United States. Hawaii and Illinois are the latest states to do so. Yay for equality!

Sam Champion 51 with husband rubem robierb 35

How cute are these two together?

Sam Champion Rubem Robierb Wedding Photo

Rubem, who’s 16 years younger than Sam (he is 35 years old to Sam’s 51 years), is a photographer and artist. Here’s some of his works which we grabbed from Pretty cool artwork, no?

rubem robierb artwork

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