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Cheyenne Parker Boyfriend, Shirtless, Maison Parker Fashion. We came across this photo of a guy grooming in front of the mirror and we went like, “Niiiiice. Who’s the hunk in Dolce Gabbana briefs? He’s got a great behind.”

We found out later that his name is Cheyenne Parker and that he’s a reality TV personality who appeared on Fire Island (about six LGBT guys sharing a beach house) and Ex on the Beach (about some good looking people living with their exes on a beach).

hot men in briefs cheyenne parker

Obviously, Cheyenne has a knack for picking reality shows that have a beach setting. Too bad Survivor is on hiatus because that could be a good fit for him. We’re not sure how he will do with the alliance building and backstabbing which is key to being a good Survivor player but we’re pretty sure he’ll look good in his island underwear.

They should have him wearing briefs like the one he’s wearing below. Haha. Want more Men in Briefs?

hot men in briefs cheyenne parker2

So who was Cheyenne’s ex on the beach? His name is Murray Swanby. Apparently, they kinda got back together on the beach but eventually broke up again. From

During the final crush ceremony, the exes were given lie detector tests. When it was Murray’s turn, his results were inconclusive but Cheyenne still decided to pursue a relationship with his ex. Unfortunately, the two broke up after the show. Murray admitted to having feelings for another ex on the show.

“I have feelings for Cheyenne, and I have feelings for Cory Z, which makes it awkward as f**k,” he said, according to a report from Heavy.

Here’s a picture of Murray for those of you wondering how he looks like:

cheyenne parker boyfriend murray swanby

And Cheyenne chilling in his squarecut Speedos:

cheyenne parker boyfriend gay

Now, since he split ways with Murray is Cheyenne dating another dude? We don’t have any info about that at the moment but we will update this post when we do.

Aside from being a model/reality star, Cheyenne is also an entrepreneur and he established a clothing line called Maison Parker (aka the House of Parker) in 2016. He tells us more about the brand during an interview with Instinct Magazine:

Maison Parker, meaning “House of Parker” in French, is a brand dedicated to spreading a message of positivity and love through clothing and art. We have an eclectic mix of high-quality ready to wear goods for EVERYONE. This brand prides itself on delivering accessible pricing of high-end luxury products that normally get marked up an astronomical amount.

We prefer to have more people excited to wear our clothing and spreading our message of equality and strength, than turn a huge profit by targeting a smaller more affluent audience. This brand has been a passion project of mine since I was a young boy.

Props to the guy for pursuing and accomplishing a childhood dream.

cheyenne parker maison parker fashion

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