Blake Michael Shirtless, Underwear, Leather Moto Jackets

Blake Michael Shirtless, Underwear, Leather Moto Jackets. Who’s the young leather biker guy chillin’ by his Harley Davidson?

His name, fellow clueless Famewatcher is Blake Michael. He’s an actor who has 20 acting IMDB credits to his name which is pretty cool considering that the guy is only 23 years old.

To date, Blake’s most prominent acting gig is the Disney TV show Dog With A Blog where he played the lead male character Tyler James. It ran for three seasons and was nominated at the Emmys (Outstanding Children Program) for all three seasons.

blake michael leather jacket harley davidson

Who wants to climb Blake’s Harley Davidson? Want more celebrity leather jacket?

blake michael leather jacket harley davidson2

Forget the Harley, we’d rather climb the guy. Joke. Joke.

blake michael leather jacket harley davidson3

The actor must really be into motorbiking as we see him below mounting a Ducati Corse which, according to a friend who knows something about motorbikes, is an Italian brand.

blake michael sexy in leather jacket

Question: Which Blake Michael do you like better? The younger, fresh-faced, and Harley riding one or the long-haired, facial-haired, Ducati-loving older one?

Our take: They are both hot and we like both versions but we have a thing for the younger Blake because he reminds us of Italian model Pietro Boselli who — confession time — happens to be our first ever imaginary internet boyfriend. Hehe.

blake michael leather jacket

Blake totally rocking his suit and tie look at the Creative Arts Emmys.

blake michael hot in suit and tie - red carpet

Blake Michael Shirtless and Underwear Selfies. Like his fellow youngsters, Blake ain’t shy about taking selfies and sharing them to his followers.

blake michael underwear bulge - guys with iphones

By the way, we grabbed most of the images in this post from Blake’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @blakemichael14. If you are a fan of Guys With iPhones, Blake’s Insta is highly recommended.

guys with iphones - celebrities - blake michael

hot guys with iphones blake michael

blake michael shirtless instagram blakemichael14

Look who’s showing us his abs? Or maybe he is showing us his Under Armour? Either way, we appreciate what he is doing. Haha.

blake michael under armour bulge

Nice abs you’ve got there, Mr. Michael.

blake michael body shirtless abs

Blake Michael Gay or Straight? We do not know the answer to this question but we will update this post when we do have the answer in the future. However, apparently, there is an adult performer who goes by the same name as Blake Michael. Here’s the other Blake — the one in white shirt — chilling on the floor with a pal.

blake michael gay boyfriend

Blake Michael Girlfriend? This is another question we hope to find the answer to so we can update this post in the future.

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