Chace Crawford Shirtless Cowboy Model

Chace Crawford Shirtless Cowboy Model. Here are more awesome modeling photos of Hollywood It Boy (along with Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson) Chace Crawford who is starring in his first leading-role movie, Twelve. Did you know that our Chace modeled for Abercrombie? Check him out in our post on Abercrombie Underwear Models.

chace crawford shirtless hot cowboy

He truly is a beautiful man, isn’t he? No wonder our friend Deena is besotted with him.

chace crawford shirtless cowboy hat

Famewatchers in the know: What exactly do we call his cowboy hat? Is this the ten gallon hat that our grandpapie keeps talking about?

chace crawford shirtless model

He rocks his cowboy hat but will we ever see Chace in Cowboy Underwear?

Chace Crawford Wants You to Look at His Hmmm (posted 28 July 2008). Well, how else should we interpret the picture except to think that he wants us to look at his ass. What a way to reinforce those gay rumors ha, Chace Crawford. But whether he is gay or not, there’s no denying that Chace is every inch a hunk.

chace crawford buttocks

Chace Crawford is a Good Cowboy (posted 26 June 2008). Hmm. We blogged about Chace Crawford, then we blogged about cowboys and rodeos, then our friend Kevin says, “Why don’t you blog about Chace Crawford as a cowboy?” Well, we never thought about that because we never imagined the dapper actor as a cowboy.

Thankfully, Chace is very very helpful because here he is posing as a cowboy.

Chace Crawford is too pretty to be a cowboy, no? But then again Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger were also too pretty to be cowboys. Right? Joke. We’re just being silly as usual.

chace crawford cowboy model

Do you think Chace can do all those things — bull riding, steer wrestling, roping — that rodeo guys do? If he can, I will ditch my current “cowboy dream boyfriend” [that’s you Jake Gyllenhaal, but you ditched me first for that slut Reese Witherspoon] and replace him with Chace.

chace crawford shirtless cowboy model

What a hunk. His eyes are very sexy too.

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