Cowboy Underwear Briefs and Dallas Cowboys Tommy Johns Underwear

Cowboy Underwear Models, Singing Cowboy, and Dallas Cowboys Underwear. What kind of underwear do cowboys wear? Well, it does really depend on the man, no? Some cowboys wear briefs underwear like the guy on the left rocking his 2xist briefs and his buddy on the right with his Pistol Pete briefs underwear.

cowboy underwear briefs 2xist and pistol pete

Now, if you are a cowboy from an earlier generation, it is likely that you also wore cowboy underwear briefs made by BVD underwear.

what kind of underwear do cowboys wear - bvd briefs

Meanwhile, Australian cowboys wear Aussiebum briefs as you can see in the images below:

australian cowboy underwear - aussiebum briefs

Oh wait, Aussie cowboys wear boxer briefs too!

cowboy underwear boxers - aussiebum - tim robards

So does the cowboy below seen posing with his tight boxer briefs underwear. If our man has a six pack like that we’d encourage him to show ’em off. Hehe.

cowboy underwear boxer briefs

Singing N*ked Cowboy Underwear. What does the singing cowboy of Times Square prefer when it comes to his underwear? Well, here he is wearing a pair of tighty whitie underwear.

times square singing cowboy underwear

The back story for the photo for those of you wondering: The New Yorker visited San Francisco and the cops there arrested him because they thought he was just another crazy hobo because no dude would walk around in their tighty whities. But then the officers realized that the guy they nabbed is the famous Times Square singing cowboy whose very persona involves walking around nekkid in public. Enlightened, the cops let our cowboy go.

The Singing Cowboy went on to sign a modeling gig with Fruit of the Loom as you can see in the photo below.

singing cowboy underwear - fruit of the loom

Want more Fruit of the Loom Underwear Models?

Dallas Cowboys Underwear. This section is for those of you looking for Dallas Cowboys underwear. Here’s a male model posing in a Tommy John Dallas Cowboys underwear.

dallas cowboys underwear by tommy john

According to, the Dallas Cowboys and Tommy John inked a partnership deal. Here’s what the two parties are saying about their deal:

Bill Priakos of the Dallas Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys are proud to partner with Tommy John to place a premium product inside not only AT&T Stadium, but also in our Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops as well. When looking for brands to partner with, we look to join together with companies with innovative and premium products to reach our fans, and we believe we’ve found that with Tommy John.

Tom Patterson of Tommy John: Tommy John is proud to partner with one of the most influential sports team in the world. Over the years, The Dallas Cowboys have proven themselves as the most ambitious and innovative sports franchise, not only in terms of technology, but in how the game is played and how they engage with their fans. We’re excited to have the opportunity to support the Cowboys and their fans, and introduce them to a whole new world of comfort.

Cowboy Underwear: Boxers or Briefs published 6 August 2009. Updated 15 February 2017.