Brad Pitt Rolex Watch Collection: GMT, Daytona, Submariner, Datejust & DayDate

Brad Pitt Rolex Watch Collection As it happens, our CNN TV-boyfriend Anderson Cooper isn’t the only famous celebrity who has a fondness for the Rolex GMT Master II watch. Our imaginary movie boyfriend Brad Pitt also loves him his GMT Master II.

brad pitt rolex watch collection gmt yellow gold

Check out these photos of our Hollywood A-Lister and his Rolex GMT Master. Want more Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches?

brad pitt rolex gold ceramic

GMT, in case you are wondering, stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Here’s the wikipedia info on how Rolex came up with this iconic watch which is a favorite among many celebrities: “The Rolex GMT Master wristwatch (ref 6542) is a watch originally designed in collaboration with Pan Am Airways for use by their pilots when travelling through multiple time zones on transcontinental (or long-haul) flights, GMT standing for Greenwich Mean Time.”

More about the Rolex GMT Watch from wiki: “Working in conjunction with Pan-Am’s Captain Frederick Libby (a decorated World War II veteran and one of the airlines most respected navigators), Rolex executive and Public Relations Director Rene-Paul Jeanneret came up with the idea of a watch with an additional hour hand revolving just once every 24 hours and a rotatable bezel marked with those same 24 hours. Today it has become one of the most iconic models in the Rolex collection, regarded as a status symbol and is popular with travellers and people who need to keep track of the time simultaneously in different areas of the world.”

Brad Pitt Rolex Daytona Watch (01 August 2010). We’ve seen Brad Pitt’s Rolex GMT Master II, now here’s our handsome and gorgeous Brad wearing his stainless white Rolex Daytona watch.

brad pitt rolex daytona

A cool watch for a cool dude, eh?

brad pitt rolex daytona watch

Other famous hunks who wear this particular model watch? Check out broadcast journalist Brian Williams’ and his Rolex Daytona.

Brad Pitt Rolex Watch Collection: Submariner, Datejust, Day-Date Watches (16 August 2010). We’ve seen Brad Pitt’s Rolex Daytona, now since our Brad has quite a collection of Rolex watches, let’s check them out shall we? Here’s Brad in his younger days wearing a Rolex Datejust.

brad pitt rolex datejust

Hey look, our Brad’s got a Rolex Submariner.

brad pitt rolex submariner

Another younger version of Brad wearing nothing but a Rolex Explorer. What’s not to like?

brad pitt rolex explorer

And finally, here’s a more recent version of Brad Pitt wearing his Rolex Day Date watch.

brad pitt rolex watch collection day date

brad pitt rolex day-date watch collection

A close-up look of the Rolex Day-Date aka Rolex President.

brad pitt rolex president

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