Celebrity Six Pack Abs: Alexander Skarsgard, Swedish Actor

Celebrity Six Pack Abs: Alexander Skarsgard, Swedish Actor. Today in men with six pack abs, we bring you Swedish actor/director Alexander Skarsgard (aka Eric Northman in HBO’s True Blood vampire series) who must have developed his delectable washboard abs by lying in bed like that. We’re guessing that’s the good thing about being a vampire, no? You don’t have to do any abs workout to get yourself a six pack. All you need to do is drink human blood and lie in bed like a man slut. Hehehe.

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Alexander Skarsgard Men’s Suit: Hickey Freeman Suits
30 July 2010

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard (aka Eric Northman in True Blood) will bring his bloody vampire hotness to Hickey Fickman, the Rochester-based American manufacturer of suits for men and boys. Eric is the new face of Hickey Fickman and he headlines the company’s Fall 2010 campaign with these photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

Hey Alexander, what about doing some modeling gigs for underwear brands like Calvin Klein or Dolce and Gabbana?

UPDATE: We’re updating this post to answer some of your queries on this Swedish hunk which are as follows:

alexander skarsgard workout: Here’s what a People Magazine article reported about the Skarsgard workout routine: “The naturally lanky Alexander stays in shape by lifting weights and running on the treadmill. He says he tries to work out 5 days a week because he “doesn’t like being so skinny.”

skarsgard underwear boxers or briefs: Some of you are googling whether Alexander wears boxers or briefs underwear. Well, here’s a photo of the True Blood actor wearing what looks like a tight briefs. It’s from his HBO mini-series, Generation Kill.

As to his brand of underwear, well it looks like Skarski (that’s our name of endearment for him, okay?) is into Calvin Kleins.

what brand of leather jackets and jeans do alexander skarsgard wear: Hmm, we don’t have the answer for this now but we’ll do the research for you and make a post on your question. Do check back later.

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