Celebrity Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch: Buzz Aldrin, Gerard Butler, & Tom Hanks

Celebrity Omega Speedmaster Watch Owners. Who among your favorite celebrities or famous guys own an Omega Speedmaster watch? Well, we made a list for you. Check it out:

Gerard Butler Omega Speedmaster Watch in The Bounty Hunter: Scottish hunk Gerard Butler, most famous for his role as King Leonidas in that awesome 300 movie, wears an Omega Speedmaster watch in that ridiculous romcom, The Bounty Hunter.

celebrity omega speedmaster moonwatch gerard butler

Memo to Gerard: Make more movies like 300 and less movies like the freaking Bounty Hunter. Oh, to your credit, we gotta say that you’re one of the few Hollywood dudes who can rock their in plaid shirts.

Apollo 13 Actors Wear Omega Speedmaster Watch. So what kind of watch do astronauts wear in space? Well, at least in the movie version of the Apollo 13 flight, the astronauts are wearing Omega Speedmaster watches.

celebrity omega speedmaster watch apollo 13 movie

Whether the real astronauts wore this timepiece during their lunar journey or whether the producers had some kind of “exchange deal” with Omega for the cast to wear the latter’s watches remains the question.

omega speedmaster for men

Apollo 13 movie astronauts spotted wearing Omega Speedmaster.

celebrity omega speedmaster - apollo 13

Want more men’s watches?

George Clooney Omega Speedmaster in The American. What brand of watch is George Clooney wearing in this still photo from his 2010 assassin movie, The American? You guessed it right baby, it’s an Omega Speedmaster. In particular, it’s the Omega Speedmaster Professional or “Moonwatch” so called because its worn by the first astronauts who went to the moon.

george clooney omega speedmaster - the american

Edwin Aldrin Wore Omega Speedmaster To The Moon For Realzzz. Here’s Edwin Buzz Aldrin and his Omega Speedmaster, the first watch that ever landed in the moon.

Jack Swiggert of Apollo 13. And here’s Jack Swiggert of the Apollo 13 mission wearing his Omega Speedmaster which, to borrow from wikipedia, “was famously used to precisely time the critical 14-second Mid-Course Correction 7 burn using the Lunar Module’s Reaction Control System, which allowed for the crew’s safe return”.

So apparently the producers of the Apollo 13 movie were being authentic when they used Omega Speedmaster watches.

So what do you think of these Celebrity Omega Speedmaster watches?

Celebrity Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch published on 21 August 2010. Updated 8 February 2017.