Jon Hamm Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, or Commando?

Jon Hamm Underwear. If you are a Jon Hamm superfan, you might have wondered about your idol’s (The Last Alpha Male according to Details Magazine) underwear. Does he wear loose boxers or does he wear tight briefs? Well, if a National Enquirer article is to be believed, Jon doesn’t wear any underwear underneath them trousers which reportedly scandalizes his Mad Men co-stars.

jon hamm underwear

Want more male celebrity underwear?

jon hamm underwear boxer shorts

Who you calling Jonny boy?

Unfortunately for his superfans, there ain’t no photos of Jon going commando. But we do have these pictures of him wearing boxers underwear. So, include Jon to your list of male celebrities who wear boxer shorts aka men in boxers.

Celebrity Suit and Tie: Jon Hamm in The Town. Hello there, sexy! One of our imaginary celebrity boyfriend, Jon Hamm, is looking good and fabulous in his shirt, tie, and coat ensemble, isn’t he?

john hamm sexy suit

Jon is the sexy FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley in the hit crime drama “The Town”, the movie directed by Ben Affleck which revived the latter’s career. Photos courtesy of Warner Bros by Claire Folger.

jon hamm hot suit

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Jon Hamm Shirtless Photos. You think we’d let 2011 end without giving you some Jon Hamm underwear and shirtless photos? No way, Jose.

So here’s a still photo of our Jon in his white boxer shorts (he’s really more of a boxers dude, isn’t he) screen-capped from an episode of his television hit which bagged him acting trophies from the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, and several other award-giving bodies. [No Emmy Award yet though.]

jon hamm underwear shirtless

Jon goes for a dip in the swimming pool in his plaid swim-shorts. Yay, a man not shy about his body hair.

jon hamm shirtless in sexy shorts

We love, love, love that he is leaving his body hair unshaved or untrimmed!

jon hamm body

Ain’t he smoking hot in them pajamas? Sooo manly!

jon hamm sexy in pajamas

Jon Hamm Underwear published on 14 October 2010. Updated 8 February 2017.