Carlos Sainz Jr Shirtless, Girlfriend, Shiseido Model

Carlos Sainz Jr Shirtless Body, Girlfriend, Shiseido Men Model. So, we were not planning to watch the Netflix documentary/reality show on Formula One racing but we came across this photo on Reddit and we were like, “Whoa, who’s that hot guy?”


Turns out the guy is MacLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr. He is 25 years young, he is Spanish, and he is the son of Carlos Sainz Sr. who is a big and established figure in the professional racing community having two World Rally Championships to his name. So, Carlos Jr. is following in the footsteps of his dad and his got a very big shoes to fill. Given his talent and youthfulness, it is very likely that he’ll do great in the sport too.

Anyhoo, for those of you wondering what our Carlos is doing in the above photo, he is actually modeling for Shiseido Men which, if we are not mistaken, is a Japanese skin care brand aimed for the dudes. Now, because we know that some of you are thirsty for shirtless photos we went hunting for more and found these:

carlos sainz hot sexy

In an interview with, he tells us how he ended up using Shiseido which got him a modeling gig for the brand: “I discovered it a few years ago in the wake of my family. Not only did my mother and sisters use the brand’s products, but my father also traveled with some cream in his bag when we went to the races. At first I did not pay too much attention, but when I asked about creams he always talked to me about ‘investing today to be better tomorrow’ and the truth is that he is absolutely right.”


Carlos Sainz Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? He is straight and dating girlfriend Isabel Hernaez. They’ve been dating for the past two years according to Hola Magazine. Here are photos of a shirtless Carlos jogging with his gal in Mallorca where the Sainzes have a home:

Carlos Sainz girlfriend - Isabel Hernaez Fuster

According to, Isabel is a graduate of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with a degree in Bilingual Journalism. She currently works in the communication department of a company called Scalpers “in addition to also carrying the communication of fashion firms Jorge Vázquez and Victoria”.

Carlos Sainz girlfriend - Isabel Hernaez

Want More Hot Carlos Sainz Jr Photos? Of course you do. Here’s one from his Shiseido advert. This is probably our favorite shirtless photo of the Spanish driver because it kinda looks like he is checking out another man when he is actually just looking at himself in the mirror. Homoerotic, no?

carlos sainz gay or straight body abs

Here’s one from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @carlossainz55. For more Formula One hunks, check out our post on Fernando Alonzo.

Carlos Sainz Jr body bathtub

Apparently, his workout routine includes jumping rope.

carlos sainz workout

And here’s Carlos the Son with Carlos the Dad which the son posted on his Instagram to celebrate father’s day. How sweet is that!

carlos sainz father carlos sr

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