Brad Pitt Leather Jacket Collection: Movies and IRL Jackets

Brad Pitt Leather Jacket: Belstaff in Benjamin Button: What brand of leather jacket is Brad Pitt wearing in his 2008 movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? According to our fashion-aware friend Deena, that’s a Belstaff leather jacket made by Belstaff, a U.K. company known for its all weather motorcyle jackets. More of Brad and the leather jackets he wore during the movie below.

brad pitt leather jacket - curious case2

Belstaff Leather Jacket in Inglorious Basterds. In Inglorious Basterds, Brad wears a special edition Belstaff leather jacket.

brad pitt leather jacket - belstaff - inglorious basterds

We wrote about Brad’s other movie leather jackets which you can check out in the following links: Jackie Cogan Leather Jacket (in the movie Killing Me Softly) and Fight Club Leather Jacket (where he plays the role of Tyler Durden).

Brad Pitt Leather Jacket IRL (in real life). Now, let’s move on from our Hollywood A-Lister’s film jackets to what he wears IRL. Check him out wearing a Carol Christian Poell Overlock leather jacket during a red carpet appearance with Angelina Jolie:

brad pitt leather jacket by carol christian poell overlock

Currently, our favorite Brad Pitt leather jacket is this Salvatore Ferragamo outfit which the papz caught him wearing while going for a casual stroll.

brad pitt leather jacket salvatore ferragamo

Meanwhile, Brad a Neil Barrett leather jacket when he attended a movie premiere for the Brangelina movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
brad pitt leather jacket - mr and mrs smith red carpet

Now, that’s a good-lookin’ leather jacket, isn’t it? The wrinkly look actually kinda works.

brad pitt leather jacket by neil barrett

Now, here are some items in the Brad Pitt leather jacket closet IRL which we are unable to identify label-wise. Maybe some of you can tell us who made the following leather outfits?

Check ’em out:

This shiny black leather jacket which goes well with jeans. Actually, we haven’t seen any leather jacket does not look good when paired with jeans.

brad pitt black leather jacket

His Guys’ Choice Award leather jacket. Brad celebrates after winning the 2009 Guys Choice Award

brad pitt leather jacket guys choice award

Let’s take another look:

brad pitt leather jacket in guys choice award

His daddy duty leather jackets. First, this one:

brad pitt moto leather jacket

And this one:

Finally, check out our favoritest Brad Pitt leather jacket:

brad pitt leather fashion style

If you can help us ID the designer or the label for the last five jackets, we will be greatly indebted to you.

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