Fernando Alonso Shirtless, Height, Gay or Girlfriend?

Fernando Alonso Shirtless, Height, Gay or Girlfriend? This post is for fans of Fernando Alonso shirtless photos. Consider your wish fulfilled. Thank us in the comments. Hehe. Anyhoo, let us start with this one where he kinda looks like a movie star. By the way, check out our post on highest paid Formula One drivers which is topped by our Spanish racer.

fernando alonso shirtless at the beach

These next Fernando Alonso shirtless photos were taken more than a decade ago — 2004ish — when our Spanish hottie was just starting out his Formula One (F1) racing career.

He’s posing like a male model taught by Tyra on ANTM.

fernando alonso shirtless male model pose

Nice abs you’ve got there, Mr. Alonso!

fernando alonso shirtless modeling photos

How tall is Fernando Alonso? According to Google, our Fernando stands at 1.71 meters which is, for Americans stuck with their feet and inches, equivalent to 5 feet and seven inches (5′7″).

fernando alonso height how tall

Now, the next photo below is probably our favorite Fernando Alonso shirtless photo. What about you?


For his part, Deena chose the next image as her favorite!

fernando alonso shirtless

Awww! Our Fernando is so happy!

fernando alonso hot body - shirtless7

Fernando Alonso Gay or Girlfriend? The photo below where a shirtless Fernando shares a steamy room with fellow F1 racers Lewis Hamilton and Mika Hakkinen may be “sending off a gay vibe” in the words of our friend Kevin but Fernando is a straight dude.

fernando alonso gay or straight

Fernando getting hot (and wet) with Lewis Hamilton. Hehe.

fernando alonso gay with lewis hamilton


Fernando Alonso Underwear. Some of you are looking for underwear or shirtless photos of Fernando Alonso. Unfortunately for you, we don’t have any underwear photos of the Spanish hunk [Paging Emporio Armani, you should hire Fernando as one of your underwear models!]. Fortunately, we do have some shirtless pictures of Fernando frolicking at the beach with his then girlfriend Raquel del Rosario.

Fernando and Raquel sitting on a tree. Do you think Raquel bought Fernando’s floral beach shorts? Hehe.

Update on Fernando Alonso Girlfriend in 2017: He is reportedly dating Italian model Linda Morselli who used to date Valentino Rossi.