Carlos Miranda Shirtless, Station 19 Hunk, Girlfriend

Carlos Miranda Shirtless, Station 19 Hunk, Girlfriend. Three years later, we are updating this post to bring you more hawtness from Carlos Miranda who is now a regular cast member of the Shondaland show, Station 19. Specifically, he plays the role of Theo Ruiz who’s a lieutenant at the Seattle Fire Department. His uniform looks great on him, no?

carlos miranda hot in uniform

carlos miranda hot as theo ruiz in uniform


Of course, we ain’t gonna do an update without shirtless pics, so here’s our Carlos chillin’ in the shower with Station 19 pal Jay Hayden. Yay!

carlos miranda gay or straight with jay hayden

We do not know yet whether the actor has a girlfriend or wife in real life but, on Station 19, he is in a relationship with Victoria Hughes (played by Barrett Doss).

carlos miranda shirtless in station 19

carlos miranda girlfriend - victoria hughes played by barrett doss

Carlos Miranda Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Vida Hunk (1 December 2019). Who’s the hot guy rocking his denim jacket with a collar that is kinda popped? The hottie, fellow Famewatchers, is actor Carlos Miranda who is starring on the Starz drama, Vida, which is listed by Time Magazine as one of the 10 Best TV shows in 2019. It is ranked 4th, in case you are wondering.

carlos miranda sexy vida

The actor plays George on the show and, in an interview with Da Man, he tells us more about the role: “My character, Johnny, is a good guy from the neighborhood. He’s a mechanic who runs his dad’s shop. He has a wonderful fiancé and baby on the way. But then again, he has a rich history with Lyn [Melissa Barrera], and it causes him to make some irresponsible choices.”

Apparently, he almost did not get the role because his audition video had bad lighting. He tells us about how his biggest role to date in an interview with Crookes Magazine:

I taped myself in my room – according to Tanya she actually almost passed on me because the lighting in my tape was bad! Fortunately, the casting director, convinced her to take another look. I sent in my tape on a Sunday. I stayed in Chicago another week. The following Monday – back in LA – I got called in for an actual in-person audition, and that was the beginning of an insane week ahead!

Two seasons later, Carlos is very much a part of the show which is beloved by critics (its got a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes), a ratings winner (it’s already been renewed for a 3rd season) and, to quote Time Magazine, “brings lived-in nuance to issues like class, colorism and desire—yielding one of TV’s smartest and sexiest shows sparked a cultural conversation about the Latinx community, colorism, and desire.”

carlos miranda in vida

Carlos Miranda Shirtless Photos. Of course, we ain’t do a blog post about a hunky actor without including these photos which are screencapped from Vida:

carlos miranda body in vida2

carlos miranda girlfriend on vida

carlos miranda shirtless sin camisa vida

carlos miranda shirtless sin camisa vida2

Carlos Miranda Gay or Straight? He is straight but you can say that he is an ally to LGBT people. In an interview with, he reveals that he is learning about the non-binary community through the show:

I’ve learned a lot, particular through Tanya Saracho, the creator of the show, and especially through Ser Anzoategui, who identifies as such. I try to be conscious of making sure I use the proper pronouns when speaking about “them, they, their”. It’s a little confusing at times, but I’m figuring it out. If I don’t know or understand something, Ser is always there to school me.

Carlos Miranda Girlfriend or Relationship Status. We don’t have any info about this on the matter but we will update the post once we do have info.

Carlos Miranda Family and Ethnic Background. Carlos is American of Nicaraguan descent (according to the Crookes Magazine article we quoted above). Here are photos we grabbed of the actor with his parents from his Instagram account (follow him @los_cain).

carlos miranda family parents ethnicity

We’re assuming the boys are his nephews (or maybe his own kids?).

carlos miranda family dad

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