Jay Hayden Gay in Real Life, Shirtless, Ethnicity

Jay Hayden Gay in Real Life, Shirtless, Ethnicity. Apparently, we’ve been missing out on the hotness of actor Jay Hayden who we only discovered when wrote our earlier post on Lachlan Buchanan. Jay is a Korean American actor and is one of the the lead stars of the TV series Station 19.

jay hayden hot uniform - travis montgomery in station 19

On the show, Jay plays openly gay firefighter Travis Montgomery who is described as the “heart of Station 19”. During the course of the show, which has already been renewed for its fourth season, Travis gets to date gorgeous dudes like, as we already posted about, Lachlan’s Emmett Dixon. He also dated a sous chef named Grant (played by Sterling Sulieman) and gets to snog our other imaginary boyfriend Nyle DiMarco who guested on the show as an LA firefighter named Dylan. Oh, and apparently, Travis was married to another firefighter named Michael (played by Jonathan Bennett) who perished on the line of duty.

Is Jay Hayden Gay in Real Life? Nope. He is straight and married to actress Nikki Danielle Moore with whom he has two children. Here’s a photo of the couple chillin’ at some event.

jay hayden wife nikki daniel moore

Jay Hayden Shirtless Photos. As usual, this is the section of the post where we publish shirtless photos for the thirsty THOTs and hos of Famewatcher. You know who you are; we are specially referring to you Deena. Haha.

jay hayden ethnicity - korean american

jay hayden shirtless body

Hot damn! This guy has some abs to die for.

jay hayden hot body - abs

jay hayden gay in real life

Smoking hot Jay shirtless in jeans on the cover of Vulkan Magazine. [Update: Kevin pointed out that it’s not technically a cover because, apparently, Vulkan is an online mag. We noted later that it says “online” right there.]

jay hayden body smoking hot - vulkan magazine

Jay Hayden Ethnicity. As we noted in the beginning of this post, Jay is Asian American. His mom is Korean while his dad is Irish. Apparently, his parents wanted him to have a more stable career other than acting but things worked out for him swimmingly.

Okay, that’s it for now, Famewatchers. We’re off to binge Station 19 to ogle at the gorgeousness of our Jay.

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