Caleb Halstead Hot American Male Model

Caleb Halstead Hot American Male Model. Whatever happened to the very first American male model we had a crush on?

Seriously, when we were blogging back in the early 2010s, we had various photos Caleb rotating as our computer monitor wallpaper. Boy, we were so happy every morning staring at his handsome mug before we began the day’s work.

But what is Caleb doing these days? From the looks of it, it seems like he is no longer modeling. We did find his Instagram page (follow him @caleb_halstead) where we learned that he is married to a model named Anastasia Sushchenko. Here’s a photo of the newlyweds when they tied the knot last year:

caleb halstead male model doing now - married to wife anastasia

Belated congratulations, you two! And here are more photos of our Caleb back when he was still active in the modeling biz. These ones are from an Azul Jeans ad campaign:

caleb halstead modeling in azul jeans advertising campaign

Want more handsome American men?

caleb halstead azul jeans campaign

Another pic from his Armani Exhange modeling gig which we mentioned below:

caleb halstead armani ad campaign

Caleb Halstead in Armani Ad Campaign (May 11, 2011). Caleb was featured in the Armani Exchange Summer 2011 campaign. Yay! We are so happy for him. Isn’t he hawt in his wetness?

caleb halstead armani exchange

Caleb Halstead Modeling in Pink Underwear (18 April 2010). What do you think of pink underwear for men? We think its hot but our friend Kevin says its silly. Why he would think its silly is beyond us so we decided to blog about a hunky American male model named Caleb Halstead who looks awesome in his pink briefs.

caleb halstead underwear model in pink briefs

Caleb looking good in a classic swimsuit.

caleb halstead speedo swimwear model

You want to know more about this beautiful dude don’t you? He’s not in the list of’s Top Male Models but we expect this corn-fed and blue-eyed Iowa boy to make it big in the coming years.

Caleb is 22 years old, stands at a male model standard of 6 feet, and boasts of a 10.5 shoe size. He boasts of his 10.5 shoe size, really, really? Well, we actually made up that boasting part but that’s the size of his shoes.

Hot Guy in Red Pants: Caleb Halstead, American Male Model (5 January 2010). Famewatchers, meet male model Caleb Halsted showing off his red pants and his bum which, to his credit, is as shapely as the Kardashians’.

hot guy in red pants - caleb halstead

Ever tried wearing red pants in your life? Well, you are not alone because some celebrities also love them their red pants such as: Jonathan Rhys Meyers in red denims, Katie Holmes and Kate Beckinsale, Agyness Deyn, William Moseley, and Chris Brown. See: Red Denim Jeans for Men.

But enough of celebrities, let’s focus on his hunkiness Caleb Halsted instead. He’s looking so shaggable in his prison-fashion-inspired outfit, no? Damn, it would be fun to rip that unitard (?) off him.

caleb halstead hot male model in onesie

He’s got a lovely treasure trail too which reminds us of the male celebrity treasure trails we’ve blogged about in the past.

caleb halstead shirtless washboard abs

Hot Guy in Red Pants: Caleb Halstead, American Male Model. First published 5 January 2010. Last updated: September 20, 2020 at 18:00 pm.