Red Jeans for Men: Celebrity Edition

Red Jeans for Men Update. Let’s add more male celebrities spotted wearing red jeans, shall we?

Who of these British guys are better at rocking their red denim jeans: actor Robert Pattinson or comic Russel Brand? We’re afraid we gotta give the point to Pattinson because his usual pouty self is smiling for once.

For his part, the usually upbeat Brand is unusually looking like he is channeling Sad Keanu. Remember the Sad Keanu? If you don’t, it means we are really getting old and maybe out of touch with the Generation Z. Haha.

red jeans for men - robert pattinson

red denim jeans for men - russel brand

Irish Hunk Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Red Denim Jeans (03 February 2010). Let’s add Irish actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers to our growing list of celebrity guys who love them their red pants. Others in the list? English tween actor William Moseley and controversial American singer Chris Brown.

red jeans for men - shirtless jonathan rhys meyers

As for female celebrities who love them their red trousers, check out supermodel Agyness Deyn and American actress Katie Holmes.

Pete Wentz’s Red Denim Jeans. Pete Wentz of the rock band Fall Out Boy (some of you may know him as Mr. Ashlee Simpson) is another red-jeans-wearing Hollywood celebrity. Peace Mr. Ashlee, peace man!

red jeans for men - pete wentz

So, who among these famous guys look best in their red denim jeans? Well, they all look fabulous in their outfits so we will give them all a perfect 10.

Celebrity Red Pants: Chris Brown Fashion Watch (22 December 2009). Apparently, British teen star William Moseley isn’t the only celebrity who said, “Screw them fashion critics who say men should not wear red pants. I’m gonna wear red pants and look like a jolly Santa.”

red jeans for men chris brown

chris brown red pants

Chris Brown obviously loves him his red pants because he’s photographed in several events wearing them. We say good for William and Chris. The more men wear red pants, the jollier the world will be. That’s what we think anyways.

Red Denim Jeans for Men: Male Celebrity Edition (30 October 2009). What do you think of red denim jeans? And what do you think of men and boys who wear them? What do you think of William Moseley’s red jeans and black shirt get up? Did he rock it? Or did it make you go, “WTF is that William?!!!!”

red jeans for men - red carpet william moseley

We think its okay for boys or teens to wear red jeans or red pants. But we usually advise our adult men friends to stay away from them. But that’s us. We tend to be conservative in our fashion choices so our friends are not surprised when we criticize them for wearing really “loud colored” pants.

william moseley red jeans for men

red jeans for men hot - william moseley

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