Bret Harrison Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Bret Harrison Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Who is hotter Bret Harrison or Chris Hardwick? The two appear to have found a niche in playing geeky and nerdy roles and they bring to their roles a certain hotness that is uplifting to both geeks and nerds.

Sure, they may not have the physically impressive washboard abs of Kellan Lutz or the quiet masculinity of Daniel Craig but we’d do either Bret or Chris in a minute. Hahaha.

bret harrison cute

For more of Chris, go check out our earlier post on him: Chris Hardwick Underwear. Meantime, check out Bret Harrison’s geeky hotness in the following photos below.

Who wants to get wet with Bret? Raise your hands and fall in line. Well, not that we really want to join him in the shower or anything. It’s just that, like California, there is a drought where we live so we sure would welcome some free water. Hehe.

bret harrison shirtless in shower

He’s smooth, man!

bret harrison boxers underwear - the loop

Bret strips to his boxers underwear in The Loop where he plays Sam Sullivan, a “young professional trying to balance the needs of his social life with the pressures of working at the corporate headquarters of TransAlliance Airways.” The other dude is Eric Christian Olsen who plays Bret’s goofy and carefree older brother Sully Sullivan.

Bret Harrison and Eric Christian Olsen in loop

Bret sure loves him his boxer shorts because we see him again wearing one in this still photo from another of his TV sitcoms, Breaking In, where he plays a computer hacker.

Now, is that Christian Bale in the photo with Bret? Ain’t he also starring in a TV show that has similarly have something to do with computer hacking?

Bret Harrison underwear - boxer shorts in breaking in

What is our Bret doing in his underwear? Duh, don’t you know that hackers “work” in either their pajamas or their underwear? It’s one of the attractions of the “job”.

Want more shirtless men?

Bret Harrison Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Posted 25 January 2013.